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People from all walks of life, living in all corners of the globe have sighted unidentified flying objects.From the 5 star general to the skeptic, a  valid UFO sighting can occur at any time.The Betty & Barney Hill case was one of the first UFO abduction cases to get past the military and to the news media.The Travis Walton abduction by the "Greys" is an excellent case where Travis and his coworkers passed multiple lie-detector tests. Policemen  across our country have encountered, and reported  UFOs. Declassified UFO reports that clearly states that the Air Force has no idea of what these craft are. Commercial airline pilots, who in the past were ordered not to file a UFO report do so now out of safety concerns for their passengers. Astronauts have been over heard to say, "We have a bogie sighted". And now we have the shuttle film of UFO craft, the Arizona lights, and more recently the New Jersey lights . I believe most people are intelligent enough to know by now, and according to official Air Force documents that these extraterrestrials "pose no threat to the national security". There are thousands of UFO sightings yearly and to deny their existence would be pointless.  

 About Me
I had absolutely no interest in UFOs until 1997. My views on the controversial subject were that UFOs were fabricated in order to make money off of anyone who was taken in by these stories. I'm just your average Joe who has been married for 20 years to a wonderful lady, and we have two loud teenage children. We live in a small town in the southeastern part of the country. All my doubts concerning UFOs would vanish on April 28,1997
My UFO Sighting
After finishing my afternoon shift[4pm-12midnight] I was traveling the same roads I always use going to and from work . Nothing unusual happened until I topped a hill 2 miles from my house. That's when I noticed a dark triangle just above the tree line almost directly in my path. With the full moon and the lights from our town the object was easily seen. My first thoughts were that someone was out flying one of those motorized hand gliders but then I realized that this object was not moving, it remained stationary. As I neared where I thought the object was at, I checked behind me for any cars, there was none, and I slowed to a complete stop. I rolled my window down and turned to see the this object.
My first reaction when I saw this thing was oh s#*t. Hovering over a pond 20 feet from the road at an altitude of around 75 feet a triangular craft was silently motionless. I  almost froze  at seeing this craft at such a close range. At arms length the craft was the size of a football. The size of this UFO was around 80X80X80. The UFO had no lights, no identifying emblems, no sound. On what I think was the rear of this UFO there were 4 tanks, estimated size of each [3 ft.]. Over each tank there was an umbrella shaped dome . Tube like lines went from the bottom of each tank to different areas of the UFO. The underbelly of the UFO was bubbled like and had a lighter color than the rest of the craft. The color of the UFO was  shinny and polished, and seemed to reflect the surrounding  area. The height of the UFO was around 6 ft. I  watched this craft for 3-4 minutes before I left and went home and told my wife what I had just saw. We got our camera and camcorder and when back to the pond where the UFO was hovering. When we arrived where the UFO had been, it was gone. I called the National UFO Reporting Center to report my UFO sighting. They returned my call and took all the information . Now I do believe in the existence of UFOs and have been investigating sightings ever since.
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