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UFO Reports 1997-1999
The following text is the edited transcript of a conversation that took place between Peter B. Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, and a person who telephoned the Center at 0320 hrs. (Pacific) on Friday morning, March 14, 1997.  The caller asserted that he had just been personal witness to an intercept of a very large craft by two U. S. Air Force McDonnell-Douglas F-15c fighters directly above downtown Phoenix, Arizona, at approximately 2035 hrs. on Thursday, March 13, 1997.



NUFORC:  Let me start the tape, and I’ll put a time mark on…For the record, it’s, ah, 0320 hrs. on Friday, the 14th of March, 1997.  I’m talking with a gentleman who’s just calling from Phoenix.  O.K., sir, go ahead.

CALLER:  That’s correct. uh, the, Luke Air Force Base is actually in Litchfield.  I’m, I’m, ah.. I got off shift about 30 minutes ago.  At, uh, 8:15, ah, the F-…”Ready Alert” at Luke Air Force Base, which is the F-15…two F-15’s that we keep on “Ready Alert”…They’re part of the Air Force One and Air Force Two “Protection Group”… to protect ‘em when they come west of the Rockies, whenever the President or any dignitary is on board.

They were launched because…all Hell broke loose, basically.  Apparently, we got a call from, ah, Prescott Valley Airport, a small airport, um,  north of us…I’m sorry, northwest.  And reporting an object that had a near miss with a small Cessna…aircraft.

The call came up once (“wants” ??) “Ready Alert.”  Approximately 8:32, uh, from my understanding, that they encountered something over the sky, …over Phoenix, Arizona, over the area of 7th Avenue and Indian School Road.

They don’t know what it was.  The description that the pilot…one of the pilots stated that they had a visual on it, they’ve got gun camera film of it, they have no radar tape of it.  It scared the hell out of them.  I’ve never seen…this ((rank/name deleted))  I’m talking about, he, uh, …the command pilot of this particular flight, he’ll never talk to you.  He’s a real professional.  I’ve never seen this man, oh…, I’ve never seen this man scared.

Are you familiar with the term, “white noise“…blanking out” radar?  My understanding is, that’s what they got, was strictly white noise.

His statement was that they followed this aircraft…it went on a straight-line course, heading towards “vector”…((Sky)) Harbor Airport, which is one of our main airports here, and it entered the pattern…Sky Harbor Airport.  Crossed the pattern of the outbound runways.  The outbound runways at that time…the wind was coming in from the west.

They encountered going in, originally, uh, two 737’s, and a DC-10 taking off from Sky Harbor.  We have an America West hub here, so we’ve got a lot of civilian flights.

They…this aircraft stayed at…it was, um,…his understanding was that it was at approximately 18,000 feet, descending to 10 thousand five.  When it got to “Angels 10,”…10-5, it completely went dark.  He doesn’t know if it was one aircraft, or several aircraft.  He saw five distinct lights in a triangular pattern.

First three lights were in a tight triangular formation.  Uh, one of the rear lights was with,…at starboard at about…he said that it was about 200 yards.  And then the other light was at about 400 yards, also on the east side of the triangle, if you will.

His belief is that this might have been more than one aircraft.  He could not describe the aircraft.  All he could say is that there were lights…there were no strobe lights.  It was ((a)) light, he said, as bright as a star.  Not like the North Star… Right now, Mars and Jupiter are very bright in the sky.  But this was not very bright.  And, uh, they dimmed.  And when they dimmed, he realized landing lights generally do not have that capability.

They then went…and they dimmed in unison.  Upon…after dimming, they…they went completely dark.  The aircraft then passed into the pattern.  They came back on…followed the straight line of 7th Avenue, which, like, cuts right through Phoenix.

And they kept on going.  They turned…they came back on just as they passed a mountain called “South Mountain.”

He, he was scared to death.  He’s not sure what it was.  After they landed, the base was…we had a complete “lock down.”  The facility was closed.

1997-10-12; Sydney, Australia
On Sunday 12th October 1997 at 22.00hrs Ross Dowe received several calls from NW Sydney and other areas of NSW about two red lights flying from SW to NE at high (orbital ?) altitude.
One light stopped dead in the sky, whilst the other altered course to now fly towards the East. The hovering light then accelerated and continued at it's previous speed towards the NE. 90 minutes later another two red lights arrived from the SW and repeated the above mentioned maneuvers again - implying orbital revolution of the planet.

1997-10-13; Gundagai, Australia
On Monday 13th October 1997 at 18.20hrs a policeman and his wife were some 20-30 minutes drive south of Gundagai NSW looking SW when they observed two lights approaching slowly from the South at some 30 degrees angle above the horizon. Sunset was about 18.35hrs, and this sighting lasted from 18.20hrs until about 19.00hrs.
Whilst they were driving towards these lights they observed the two lights in the same azimuth position for about 30 minutes or so, but the lights moved slowly to lower altitude over the same time period. When nearer they stopped to take a photo. The lights retained the same brightness in the early night sky as they had when seen in earlier daylight.
Suddenly one illuminated object thrust an orange-red fiery "exhaust trail" light out behind it. This lit up both objects well and allowed a better view of the forms and shapes behind the lights.
One illuminated object turned out to be a dark brown or black triangular shape estimated to be about one mile in length i.e. this thing was HUGE. It then rotated through 90 degrees and immediately jetted a larger enormous orange-red fiery exhaust (estimated to be ten miles in length ! ) from the rear, whilst it sped off at extremely high speed to the North - faster than any known jet aircraft, and rapidly disappeared over the horizon.
The second illuminated object was observed to be spherical with a large halo around it. This sphere remained static for a few more minutes then sped off to the South. Neither object made any sound whilst performing these maneuvers.
The Victorian policeman had previously believed that only "nutters and fruit-loops" saw and reported such events. He had been involved in high level security operations for VIP visits to Australia. This involved much vetting and psycho-profiling and he therefore regarded himself as a sane man with good observational powers.

1998-03-26; Baton Rouge, LA
I would like to declare a sighting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
On Thursday, March 26th at approximately 10 pm a UFO was seen by several people outside a hotel in an urban area.  The object appeared large, and  of a semi-shiny (blue) material, it did 90 degree moves and other "zig-zag" actions impossible for human flight technology to achieve.  It was fairly low in altitude, and quite astonishing in the fact that it appeared in such a dense area of population near an eight lane interstate.

1998-09-21; Sedona, AZ
Last night, Monday Sept. 21 at 7:25 PM all three of us witnessed something we’ve never seen before. It was a large object lit up with white and blue lights over the skies of Sedona. We couldn’t tell if it was being escorted or pulled, but, it had accompanied aircraft. When looking at it from the back, it had large wings and possibly an engine of some kind. The head on look through the binoculars looked like a craft with a lot of dome shaped windows—it was so lit up I thought it might be an advertising blimp. It had a long arm sticking out of one side and several extensions that reminded me of the craft on Close Encounters. Did anyone else see this or was it some military project? We watched for anything on the news—nothing, Any idea as to what this was. Witnessed by Susan and Richard and Sharon from our deck. It came at us from the NW and then headed E.

1998-12-31; Santa Cruz, CA
My last sighting was on the morning of December 31.1998. Once again we had been visiting for Christmas. We were on our way home, had stopped in Santa Cruz for the night, and had hit the road again at 3:00 AM. At 3:15AM we were on Highway 17 about six miles north of Santa Cruz. The sky was overcast, but the cloud bottoms were lit from the city. A triangular craft but with the corners squared off passed over us at about 45 deg. and at an altitude I would estimate as 2500 to 3000 AGL. I would estimate the craft to have been 300 feet long on a side with perhaps 30 windows (lights?) down the side which were dim, and three lights on the blunt edges, white with a blue one in the center. It was very striking as there were no surface details, and the bottom of the craft was intensely black, much darker than the mountains it passed over.
Speed was around 50kts or slower. It was not a conventional aircraft or free balloon, all the edges were razor straight, no lights on the bottom surface. It traveled blunt-edge first, which I thought aerodynamically odd. I was driving at the time, no place to pullover, but I watched it for about 15 seconds on and off until it rose into the cloud base.

Jet Crew Tell Of Close Encounter With UFO
UFO Mystery As Pilots See Red
An unidentified object described as "a great red light in the sky" and "big as a battleship" has caused consternation in the skies over the North Sea.
Pilots reported being buzzed by a "long, cylindrical object" at 28,000ft and one pilot and his crew described how the underside of their jet became bathed in an "incandescent light".
The Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed that a comprehensive report of the sightings has been handed in, although both it and the Ministry of Defence deny that they are investigating it.
The Luton-based plane, a Debonair BAe146, was flying company executives from Sweden to Humberside airport when, it is claimed, the object came to a sudden halt before speeding by the airliner in the incident on 3 February, 58 miles off the coast of Denmark.
I have today (5-4-99) obtained a copy of the official report by Debonair to the Civil Aviation Authority concerning the above sighting, which occurred on 3 February 1999.
The report was filed as "a mandatory occurrence report" and the CAA were taking no further action as "there was no danger to the aircraft or passengers."
A spokesman for Debonair said the pilot is currently on leave and a request has been put out for him to make a statement to the press when he returns.
It was added that the pilot assumed the lights beneath the jet were those of another aircraft at the time they were seen. She said the company had been "snowed under" with inquiries from the press about the sighting.
The Debonair report to the CAA report reads:
"Unidentified bright light below BAe146 at FL280.
"Area below a/c illuminated for 10 seconds by incandescent light which was not considered by reporter to be an a/c landing light.
Reporter stated three other a/c reported seeing it moving at high speed or static. ATC informed but they reported no other a/c in vicinity. Five minutes later a radar return was present at 75 miles on weather radar. Atmosphere reported as stable and no other a/c were in vicinity."
The aircraft involved was a British Aerospace 146, a small four engined jet flying on a chartered flight from Linkoping in Sweden to Humberside Airport in East Yorkshire.
The UFO was reported whilst the aircraft was flying at 28,000 feet, 58 miles off the Danish coast above the North Sea. Tracey Law, of Humberside Airport, said the report was made by the pilot to the CAA on landing, but there was "no mention made whatsoever of UFOs in the original report.. it has since been embellished. It was not mentioned to us officially as it happened outside of our airspace."
In particular she mentioned the description of the UFO as being "as big as a battleship" being manufactured by the press, Humberside Airport said they believed the sighting had been caused by "a light reflection from the underside of the jet." Flight Lieutenant Tom Rounds of the RAF at the Ministry of Defense, Whitehall, said the MOD had learned of the report via the Press.
He said stories that the object had been tracked by RAF radar were "laughable" as the UK radar could not pick up objects 58 miles off the Danish coast.
Flt Lieut Rounds said the MOD were not investigating the report, and had not received any report concerning it from the CAA.

Incident Summary: On Monday, March 01, 1999, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) received a call over its telephone Hotline (206-722-3000) from an individual who identified himself as an employee in the forestry industry in Washington State.  The individual left a message, in which he reported that a team of forestry workers allegedly had been witness to an incident on Thursday, February 25, 1999, during which time an elk was lifted off the ground and carried away by a very peculiar, disc-shaped object.

On Thursday, February 25, 1999, at just a few minutes before noon, three forestry workers, who were planting seedling trees in the mountains of Washington State, witnessed a small, disc-shaped object slowly drift over a nearby ridge to their south, and descend into the valley to the north of their position. The object descended silently with what seemed to the witnesses a purposeful manner, exhibiting a slight “wobble” to its flight.

The three workers at first thought the object was some kind of parachute that was drifting and descending, but they quickly realized that their initial impression was not correct. Hence, they shouted to their eleven coworkers nearby, who were working on the north-facing hillside, and all fourteen members of the work crew watched the object for an estimated 3-5 minutes.

1999-03-16; Itu, Brazil
 On Tuesday, March 16, 1999, around 10 p.m., a glowing UFO appeared over the Residential Sete Quedas apartment complex in Itu, located 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of the industrial city of Sao Paulo. The hovering UFO was videotaped by one of the witnesses.
At the apartment complex, located in the Itaim section of the city, "Gabriel de Carvalho Filho watched again with his wife an aerial ballet starring the object."
"The Folha da Cidade reporter, Eduardo Luiz Santion, videotaped the object and watched for 15 minutes with the other witnesses."
"Minna Luise de Paula, also a resident of Sete Quedas, who saw the ‘glow’ of light on Tuesday, said the shape and size of the light reject the possibility that it was stars or a balloon."
"Francisco Bento Feitosa, who works at Sete Quedas, said he nearly lost his cool when he saw the light. He did not believe in UFOs, but his faith was shaken badly Tuesday night."
Residents of the hillside section of Itu also saw the UFO. "Clarice Fukuda was one of these, and through her window, noticed the light in the direction of the Gaplanas Building." (See the newspaper Folha da Cidade for February 20, 1999. Muito obrigado a Thiago Ticchetti por eso caso.)
On Sunday, March 21, 1999, around 12:30 a.m., Denise Ribeiro "was with my husband in the backyard of our house" in Butantam, a suburb of Sao Paulo, "because the night was very, very hot. Around 12:30, my son called our attention to a red light that he was seeing. At the first moment, I thought it was the planet Mars. It was very visible this night. But I noticed that this light was a little bit bigger than the planet."
"Looking more closely, I saw a point formed by four red lights, in a cross shape. The lights did not blink. They were very clear...The ‘object’ was stopped, apparently at a very high altitude. So, after ten minutes at a dead stop, the ‘object’ started to go to the West very slowly, a straight line at a constant velocity. Two of the four lights turned off, (the UFO) made a turn and started to rotate on its own axis. Again it began to move but more in a descending motion and stopped at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizon. Then it went away to the West."

1999-04-02; Puerto Natales, Chile
On Friday, April 2, 1999, two Carabineros (officers of Chile's national police) observed a UFO hovering above a nearby mountaintop in Puerto Natales, a city located just north of the Strait of Magellan.
According to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, "Two Carabineros stationed at the 3rd Commissariat of Puerto Natales in the extreme south of Chile claimed that they had seen an unidentified flying object while beginning a patrol in the city."
"According to the witnesses, the UFO was seen on the morning of Holy Friday (April 2). In their report, the officers, Sergeant Humberto Punitanco and Corporal Sergio Said said they had seen red, green and yellow lights on the object, which performed several side-to-side displacements, as it hovered in the sky near the summit of Mount Balmacoda."
"The object was visible from the highland section in the center of Puerto Natales." (See the newspaper La Tercera for April 4, 1999. Muchas gracias a Diego Zuniga y Guillermo Alarcon para esa historia.)
On Tuesday morning, April 6, 1999, "a UFO with multicolored lights was seen in Santiago de Chile," the national capital, "just after 1 a.m., with reports of 'an extraordinary presence' in the sky over the Estacion Central."
"In the barrio of Renca, a group of friends took a video of the OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO--J.T.) which spent the better part of an hour circling Santiago. A close-up zoom image of the object shows a strange form in the shape of a T." (See La Tercera for April 7, 1999, "OVNI fue visto ayer en Santiago." Muchas gracias a Diego Zuniga para eso historia.)
Source: UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4 Number 15

1999-04-02; Hendersonville, TN
CAUS thank Lindy ( ) for this report:
I’m sitting here in absolute shock. I just read Paul Green’s account, and one word jumped out at me in his description of what he saw---"gantry." I’ve hesitated to share my experience, because until now I’ve never heard what I saw described by anyone else.
I live in Hendersonville, TN, and my experience occurred on the first Friday night of April of this year as I was on my way to pick up my daughter. My eleven year old son was with me in the back seat of my car, sleeping, as we came down the bypass heading to the exit. About mile and a half before we reached the exit, I noticed some strange looking lights in the sky off to my right, heading in the same direction I was, which was southwest. The Nashville Airport is off to the left about fifteen miles from where I was at the time, and we see planes constantly circling in to land, so at first I thought it was just a plane. But as I got closer, it struck me that if it was a plane, it must be in trouble, because it was very low.
I kept watching it as I approached my exit, and it dawned on me that this object was not only too low, it was also going far too slow to be a plane. By the time I was on the off-ramp, I was even with the object, and the size of it was incredible. It was at least two stories high, and V-shaped. The object had two glowing red lights, one at each end of the V. But what struck me most about it was that it looked like someone had taken a "gantry" from a rocket launcher and bent it in a V shape. I had heard of the Flying Triangles, but had never heard anyone describe this shape. And the whole outline of the object was a deep, dark red, while the "body" of it, such as it were, was black.
I reached the top of the ramp and pulled over, watching it in total amazement, my mind trying to grasp what I was seeing. I never, ever, expected to see anything like this! It seemed to be just floating, without making a sound, as it "drifted" over me, though I could "sense" rather than hear a deep, low hum. As it disappeared over the hill in front of me, it seemed close enough for me to have been able to throw a rock and hit it. As it arced back into my view, heading directly over the bypass, in a gradual circle, it just faded into nothing.
I realized I was standing beside my car, and couldn’t even remember getting out of it. (I suffered no loss of time, so I’m certain nothing happened to me, just shock at what I was seeing). I jumped back in my car and turned it around, driving over the overpass and looking to my right in an attempt to relocate it. But it was gone, without a trace.
When I arrived at my mother’s house to get my daughter, I tried to tell them what I saw, but of course no one believed me. And I couldn’t blame them. After all, you hear about "flying saucers," but who’s ever heard of a "flying gantry"? Thanks, Paul Green, for helping me feel I’m not totally alone.
I’ve had a couple of other experiences, which I’ll gladly share at a later date, but nothing has ever affected me like this. And I’d love to know if anyone else out there has seen anything similar?

1999-04-03; Redondo Beach, California
 CAUS thanks Ivanhoe Chaput ( ) for this report:
I would like to start by mentioning that I have seen UFO’s several times in my life. I am 52 years old, own an engineering company, have held the title of Plant Chief Engineer, Manager of Mechanical Engineering, Senior Engineer and others in my professional career. I am an amateur astronomer with good knowledge of the sky and am very familiar with man-made flying machines.
Also, before I get into my sighting of April 3, 1999, I would like to mention that I was not alone during several of my sightings. Most people did not seem to see the objects that were directly in their line of sight. This is not because of any mystical reason. I believe that they simply did not latch any past experience with the object that was being splashed on their retinas. One such incident occurred on Mount Wilson in Southern California where I saw two lights moving in square up and down and side to side patterns. After pointing the objects out to a man standing beside me, he said that they were probably helicopters. To this I would ask, why would two helicopters fly in such odd, right angle patterns on that day when every other time I’ve seen them fly, they basically flew just like airplanes? And if their pilots want to see something on the ground, they usually fly in a circle!
I firmly believe that we are being visited much more often than anyone might imagine.
My sighting occurred on Saturday, April 3, 1999, as I was going to work. My office is about 8 minutes from my house. I was going south on Prospect Avenue in Redondo Beach, California when I spotted what I thought was a balloonist over Palos Verdes, a community at the tip of the South Bay peninsula. As I continued to look at it, its speed did not make sense. It was traveling much too fast and it was also going north which was crossways to the easterly wind direction.
As the object got closer to me, I saw that it was round on the top and flat on the bottom. Not the shape of a balloonist’s balloon, but more the shape of a parachute. I started looking for the man under the parachute but it was still too far away to see it clearly.
It took about two minutes to go from over the Palos Verdes Mountain to nearly overhead, a distance of nearly two miles. This would make its speed about 60 miles per hour. Much too fast for a balloonist or a parachutist, but too slow for most airplanes that fly out of Torrance airport which was only about 1.5 miles from me.
The object was dark metallic on the top but had red radial bars emanating from its center on its bottom. When the object got nearly overhead I opened my sunroof to keep it in sight. I turned left on Camino Real, the extension of Sepulveda Blvd., went a half a block, pulled over and got out of my car to get a better look. When I looked up, I could see no person under any parachute. In fact the center of the object was strangely out of focus. I could not make out any detail in the center where I was looking for a dangling man.
At this time the object had stopped completely and was hovering at what seemed to be about 1,000 to 1,500 feet. I estimate this from the planes I commonly see coming out of Torrance airport as they climb to cruising altitude.
I was not far from my office and decided to make a quick run for my video camera that I keep there. I got back into my car, pulled out in the street when I noticed a private plane that looked like a Piper Cherokee or a Beechcraft King Air banking directly into the direction of the object. I wanted to see the two objects together so I pulled over again and looked out my sunroof. I had not traveled more than half a block, maybe no more than 20 seconds had passed and all I saw was the airplane still turning directly where the object had been. The object was gone!
I scanned the sky for three to five minutes but did not see it any more.
Since I have all sorts of high end computer programs, my son, who works with me did an excellent job of creating the object I described in the computer. It looked almost exactly like the JPG file with this email. (Files cannot be attached to a CAUSupdate. Please e-mail Ivanhoe for JPG file.)
I would like to know if anyone else saw this or an other object that looked like this one. My son told me that he saw a photograph of a very similar object on a television show.

1999-04-07; Cape Cod, MA
MASSACHUSETTS, CAPE COD—On April 7, 1999, Stacy S. "was looking through the second-story window of my home at 10:58 PM," in East Falmouth when "I watched through the sheers strange double white lights resembling car headlights , across the sky through the maple trees." "The craft came from the west, approximately at a 35 degree angle. Unfortunately, I had it in view only five seconds." "As it approached my house, I could see that this aircraft was not making a sound. It was only slightly above the maple trees in my front yard, moving with absolutely no noise. It had a triangular shape with a large spotlight thing on each end of it with pulsating red lights underneath it." "My mind was thinking that it’s just an airplane, but its silence and fluid motion told me this was not so. As it rose above the treeline, it shifted slightly to the right and flew over our house until I could see it no longer." "I am now convinced there are UFOs in the sky!"
Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 4 #14, 4/11/99, Joe Trainor editor.

1999-04-08; Long Island, NY
CAUS thanks Shirley (KCol491008) for this report:
I live near West Hampton Air Force Base on Long Island, NY. Last night (April 8th) there was three triangular aircraft’s that flew over my home . I got a few pictures of the third one that flew over. This was low and I hope the pictures come out. They are being developed today and will pick them up tomorrow. I do not know if they will come out, I have never taken pictures at night before. This was a true triangular shaped aircraft. My daughter and her boyfriend also saw one of these on the way home from picking up my son at work also approx. 9:30 last night. He said it was no stealth fighter.
I also know that, for we have seen them before. This had lights all around the outside edge of the craft and a red light in the center of it’s bottom. Made a great deal of noise. I went through all I can find on the computer of air force pictures and found nothing yet that even looks like it. If the pictures come out I will e-mail them to you.

1999-04-08; Hartford, CT
HARTFORD—Dean Burgess writes that on April 8, 1999, while driving north on Route 91 at 5:30 AM, I saw a round flying object about the size of a large car. The object was intensely bright and made no sound. At first I thought it was a news chopper, but as I got under it I could see the craft very clearly. I took the Jennings Road exit and got out of my car. There was a very low cloud cover, and the sun was just rising.
The object had no blinking lights, there was just one intense light. It hovered for a few minutes and went up and down in and out of the ground cover as if hiding. When it flew higher the light from the object reflected on the clouds, and I was able to see that it was more a ball shape than a disk.
Thanks to Dean Burgess, and Larry Clark,,

1999-04-10; Latrobe, PA
Swinging pendulum object reported in Pennsylvania
From: UFO researcher Stan Gordon
PA UFO Hotline (724-838-7768)
This incident occurred near Latrobe, PA on the evening of April 10, 1999.  The witness who is a law enforcement officer for a state agency, had taken a walk outside and at about 7:40 P.M. noticed a brilliant star-like object very high up in the sky. The observer indicated that what he saw looked similar to Venus, which he is used to seeing later in the evening, but towards the west.  The sun had just set, and the witness thought that it was still to early to see many stars. He lined up the bright object with the corner of a building, and confirmed that the object was indeed moving very slowly.
Curious about what he was seeing, the man ran inside and obtained his 10x50 binoculars. The object was moving slowly and steadily from northwest to southeast.  In the binoculars the actual shape of the object itself couldn't be determined, since the sun was reflecting off the body and it was extremely bright. But what was most interesting, was that hanging from the bottom of the brilliant object was a long appendage that "looked like a very long pole."  The witness felt that due to the very high altitude of the object, this part would have to have been very large for him to see it so clearly.  
This straight device gave the man the impression of a pendulum, since it was rotating under the object counter clockwise, but at times would remain straight down and stop. This mechanism which appeared solid, and always remained straight, was silver in color. There may have been some bumps or irregularities along the appendage.
The object was observed for about 20 minutes. The witness was distracted from the observation for a short time, and when he tried to locate the object again, he was unable to locate it. This witness has seen NWS weather balloon packages, and is sure that this is not what he observed.   
If anyone is aware of any similar recent reports, please contact me.
Stan Gordon

1999-04-11; Clyde, OH
OHIO CLYDE—The Fremont News-Messenger article stated: "A month after several unidentified flying object sightings near Clyde, two 18 year old teens reported seeing a strange object in the sky on April 11, 1999.
Timothy R. Twice and Shawn Robinson, told Freemont police they were driving at 9:42 PM, Sunday in the area of Atkinson Elementary School and saw a UFO in the sky. They described it as saucer shaped, bright white with green lights in the front and back. Twiss said as they were watching, it suddenly "took off like a bolt of lightning!" Thanks to News-Messenger 4/13/99. Ken Young comments: "This is yet another mysterious sightings reported from Sandusky County in the last few weeks.
For details see the detailed reports at: Thanks to Ken Young at UFO Research

1999-04-19; Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada
A diamond-shaped UFO is being blamed for the unexplained collapse of a theatre roof in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada (population 6,531).
The incident took place around midnight on Friday, March 5, 1999.
According to the East Kootenay Weekly, "A diamond- shaped UFO covered with flashing lights may have been responsible for the collapse of the McKim Theatre roof in Kimberley two weeks ago."
"That's the rumor setting the ski town a-buzz after about five witnesses reported seeing strange lights drifting slowly above the Bavarian City around midnight March 5."
"Fuelling speculation were reports of an unusual 'light show' spotted directly over the theatre roof just a few hours before its as-yet-unexplained collapse."
The UFO was first sighted at 10 p.m. when "Home care worker Gail Shay had just returned from work to her apartment at the Pioneer Lodge on Church Street. As she prepared to retire, she watched unusually bright lights hovering above the roof of the theatre."
"A second glance sent shivers up her spine."
"'It was like nothing I've ever seen before,' says Shay."
"'At first, it seemed that there was a crisscrossing spotlight going up into the sky from the roof of the school. (Editor's Note: The abandoned McKim Theatre is now an annex of Kimberley Middle School.) It was glimmering, like the northern lights. There were all these colours. Then the light spread out like a mushroom cloud, exactly on the same spot where the roof is (now) gone.'"
"'I was seeking through a list of possible explanations,' Shay said. She decided she must be hallucinating and crawled quickly into bed. 'I just kept thinking, Well, it's some unexplained natural phenomena... I can accept lots, but this was too much,' she said."
"Approximately one hour later, 68-year-old Ted Zawaski was shaken out of a deep sleep by a phone call."
"At the other end of the line was a friend in Chapman Camp, incoherently insisting that Zawaski take a look at the sky."
"After a few minutes, Zawaski said he was able to make sense of his friend's words--a diamond-shaped UFO covered with flashing lights was drifting slowly over the trees west of him."
"'The minute I saw it, I almost panicked, but because it was like nothing ever seen on Earth,' said Zawaski, who lives in Townsite."
"Excitedly swapping details with the friend in Chapman Camp, Zawaski watched the object from 12:15 to 12:40 a.m. when it drifted out of sight behind the trees."
"Zawaski admitted to being a bit of a UFO aficionado himself, and has spotted four UFOs in the past 30 years-- in Austria, Norway, near Calgary and Kimberley. However, the other three witnesses claimed they had never seen one (before) and weren't looking."
"Kimberley RCMP (Royal Candian Mounted Police--J.T.) received several telephone calls that night about the phenomenon, although they were unable to verify the sighting."
"'We're not about to speculate on the cause of the collapse, but we've heard all kinds of tales, including UFO sightings on Friday night,' said George Watson," director of School District No. 6.
Located in the Purcell Mountains, Kimberley is on Provincial Highway 95A about 520 miles (832 kilometers) east of Vancouver, B.C. (See the East Kootenay Weekly for March 23, 1999, "Did a UFO cause the new Kimberley School roof to collapse?" by Christine Boyd.

1999-04-21; West Mifflin, PA
Date: April 21, 1999
Time: 9:15 P.M.
Location: West Mifflin,PA/Pittsburgh suburb
Report: The observers live near the flight path of an airport, and are familiar with seeing various types of aircraft at night.  The occupants of a car say they saw an object that was described as looking like an 1/8  slice of pizza, flying with the crust end forward. This front section was reportedly covered with numerous white non-blinking lights.  Witnesses could only see the silhouette against the sky.  The nearly triangular shaped object was reportedly seen in the sky at the same time that an aircraft, believed to have been a commercial airliner was moving towards Pittsburgh.  According to one of the viewers, the object was above the airplane, and it stopped as the aircraft continued on it's course. Then suddenly the object began to pace the aircraft, and quickly caught up to it.  During an interview, I was told that the object was then in a diagonal position with the plane.  A bright beam of light was then emitted from the side of the object, and was directed on the aircraft. This beam of white light which at first was narrow, began to expand, and it reportedly completely illuminated the airplane.  Seconds later, the beam of light vanished.  The witnesses at that point pulled into a driveway, and lost sight of the event, while  asking another person to come outside.  When the other person came out, all that could be seen was a bright light moving in the distance.

1999-04-21; Margaret River, Western Australia
Wednesday 21-04-99 @ 9.30PM - 11.40PM Multiple Fireballs Sighting @ Margaret River, Western Australia
OBSERVER: Mrs. xxxxxx
LOCATION: xxxxxx Rd., Margaret River (approx. 230km or 144 miles SSW of Perth, Western Australia).
DURATION: Three events, each spaced approx. one hour apart and each having a duration of about 15 minutes whilst fireball slowly crossed observers arc of sky.
EVENT TIME/DATE: 9.30PM to 11.40PM Wednesday 21st. April 1999.
OTHER WITNESSES: Eight witnesses between Mrs. xxxxxx’s family and next door neighbours family.
TIME OFf INTERVIEW: 4.00Pm (approx.) 25-04-99
HM contacted directly by Mrs. xxxxxx who had been handed a copy of my Bright Skies article by one witness of the recent Margaret River event - both persons being astonished to read an exactly similar event description - but about the 1994 Tom Price multiple fireball incident.
#1 :
Residents of xxxxxx Rd. Margaret River were alerted by one of their sons to a bright moon sized orange fireball at an elevation of some 45 degrees coming towards them from the north. The fireball flew slowly in an arc parallel to the Earth’s surface with no noise (one witness thought he heard a faint "whirly wind" noise ?). There were no observable TV/radio interference effects. It took about 15 minutes to fly in a perfectly straight line uniform motion and speed across their location at some 2000 metres altitude ? before disappearing over a tree line to their South-East.
There was no wind or cloud in their location and the night was "still and starry", but there was cloud cover out to sea in the Southern Ocean to the South-East of Margaret River.
Immediately after the fireball disappeared to their SE they observed intense "lightning like" flashes of light in the clouds out to sea in the same direction.
Binoculars allowed them to observe the fireball closely over the 15 minutes it was in view. It appeared to look like an "orange-red ball or brain with holes in it - like swiss cheese", with no tail.
[ Mrs. xxxxxx remarked that the 1994 Tom Price eye-witness description of flames materialising and disappearing into a central black hole was a very good description of the Margaret River Fireball. I strongly suspect a Plasma - HM].
The observers all felt as if the fireball was aware - it raised the hairs on their neck whilst they stood in total silence watching it’s progress - neighbourhood dogs went berserk barking loudly.
#2 :
At about 10.30PM a second moon sized bright orange fireball was observed on exactly the same course, height, and slow speed as number one. It flew slowly from the North for about 15 minutes over them and out to their South-East. Dogs went berserk during fireball close overhead passage. It also demonstrated smooth velocity and straight line course flight whilst arcing overhead parallel to the Earth’s surface at an apparently low altitude of say 2000 metres ? They again observed intense "lightning flashes" out to their SE where the fireball disappeared.
#3 :
At about 11.25PM a third arms-length "grapefruit" sized orange fireball was observed coming from the North-West (ie. slightly smaller and slightly off course relative to #1 &#2). This fireball also flew slowly and parallel to the Earth’s surface over the observers. However this third fireball demonstrated erratic flight behaviour for some part of the 15 minutes it was in view. It appeared to hesitate in flight and then rapidly (almost instantly) "zig zag" from A to B back and forth across, and down and up over, the general South-Easterly flight path. Dogs went berserk during fireball close overhead passage. Intense lightning like flashes of white-blue light were again observed to the SE after it’s disappearance over their viewing horizon to the SE.
Mrs. xxxxxx is investigating unconfirmed reports that a local teenager saw a large orange ball hovering on the NW horizon at 3.30PM that afternoon whilst surfing at Gracetown (12km North-West of Margaret River). NB. Local sun set was at about 6.00PM.

Orange Fireball reports are not uncommon in the Fremantle-Rockingham and adjacent Darling Range area of Western Australia. They commonly fly North to South. However multiple sightings as per this report are rare - hence this post
The three Margaret River Orange Fireballs demonstrate a close similarity to the 1994 Tom Price Incident and appear to represent the flight of three plasma balls under sentient control - possibly exotic engine drive systems for space-plane systems, perhaps tesla weapon "EM slug" pulses, or some exotic rare natural "stress light" phenomenon following NW trending fault lines - these fault lines are common over much of SW WA and the adjacent continental shelf and oceanic crust.
Although reports of meteoritic fireballs have come in recent days from Washington State USA and other planetary localities these Margaret River Fireballs cannot represent meteors due to their very slow speed and their regular hourly timing plus exactly similar or nearly so aerial course spread over three hours (equal to three degrees of Earth rotation = some 180 nautical miles should separate the course of the 1st from the 3rd bolide chain member !!!)
Interestingly there have been recent multiple reports of large orange fireballs, lights, blue-white light flashes and explosions from Newcastle NSW to the area of northern NSW around the Queensland border and within a radius of 100km centred upon the Queensland Williamstown RAAF base, with other similar events in reported in Victoria - all during recent days from Sunday 18-04-99 to Tuesday 20-04-99. [NB National UFO Hotline Report in preparation].
During the same period of intense sightings in northern NSW on 20-04-99 there was a huge explosion at BHP’s Steel Plant described by locals as "sounding like a nuclear explosion" but officially described as the explosion of a large water boiler. Along with the anomalous light displays, eye-witnesses described slow moving aerial bodies shaped like huge multifaceted 50 cent coins and/or huge black flying triangles.
Given the last years reports of anomalous aerial ufo lights seen around and above the Esso Longford Gas plant before during and after the massive explosion there that led to a totally interrupted natural gas supply for Melbourne and Victorian industry/households for two weeks last November 98, and the massive bacterial pollution of Sydney’s water supplies last May 98, plus the recent frequent apparent ufo observation of RAAF base and Australian Army facilities one has to pose the question - are we under some sort of industrial attack or demonstration of exotic weapon abilities by an advanced power (planetary or off-planet alien) ???

1999-04-25; South Park, PA
Date: April 25, 1999
Time: 7:25 P.M.
Location: South Park/Pittsburgh
Report: The witness is a professional who works in a scientific field. He had recently started a photography course.  He was out on a photographic class project, shooting some landscape shots when the sighting occurred.  He observed a V  formation of six or seven lights moving east above the moon.  The lights were an orangish-pinkish-white color, very luminous and non-blinking.  They were slow moving, and the last lights were observed at 7:35 P.M. The witness did attempt several photographs of the light formation, and is awaiting development of the film.