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UFO Reports 1990-1997
1990-??-??; Las Vegas, NV
Mr. Ray Wordle, on vacation with his family, found himself watching, amazedly, the Las Vegas skyline as several luminous craft maneuvered to and fro. Fortunately, Mr. Wordle found his video camera and was able to shoot this footage. Possible points of interest for extraterrestrial craft in Las Vegas are Nellis AFB and other military sites scattered nearby.

1990-??-??; Chilca, Peru
Extraterrestrial beings have contacted the inhabitants of this Peruvian town, and put on a nightly display of metamorphosing lights. The beings claim to be the caretakers of the human race and the planet Earth. American camera crews were called in to photograph the phenomenon.

1990-03-21; Moscow, Russia
Lt. Col. A.A. Semenchenko, scrambled to intercept two unknown luminous objects, recalled, "The target did not respond to the identify friend or foe request. I approached the target to a range of 1500ft." Whereupon, the two craft disappeared from tracking radar and visible targeting. Over 5 witnesses.

Wavre, Belgium
During the night of 30-31 March, 1990, many reports were received by the police from members of the public of a phenomenon in the sky above Wavre, twelve miles south of Brussels. This resulted in many telephone calls from the police to the radar station at Glons near Tongeren for ratification.
Glons radar confirmed the sighting of an unidentified object at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Semmerzake radar confirmed the Glons detection and passed its confirmation onto the Air Force. The radar scans were compared with the previous Eupen radar sightings (see Eupen Case) by Semmerzake and Glons and were found to be identical.
Several police patrols had witnessed the same phenomenon before. It was a massive triangular shape with the same lighting configuration as seen at Eupen four months earlier.
Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer, Chief of the operations section of the Air Force, said:
"That because of the frequency or requests for radar confirmation at Glons and Semmerzake - and as a number of private visual observations had been confirmed by the police - it was decided that as these parameters had been met, a patrol of F-16 aircraft should be sent to intercept an unidentified object somewhere to the south of Brussels"
As a consequence, two F-16 aircraft of the Belgian Air Force - registration numbers 349 and 350 = flown by a Captain and a Flight-Lieutenant, both highly qualified pilots, took off from Bevekom.
Within a few minutes - guided by the Glons radar - both pilots had detected a positive oval-shaped object on their on-board radar at a height of 3,000 meters, but in the darkness saw nothing. This oval configuration, however, caused the pilots some concern. It reacted in an intelligent and disturbing way when they attempted to 'lock-on' with their on-board radar.
Changing shape instantly, it assumed a distinct 'diamond image' on their radar screens and - increasing its speed to 1,000lm/h - took immediate and violent evasive action.
Photographs of the actual on-board radar of the F-16s recorded a descent of this object from 3,000m to 1,200 in 2 seconds, a descent rate of 1,800km/h. The same photographs show an unbelievable acceleration rate of 280km/h to 1,800km/h in a few seconds. According to Professor Leon Brening - a non-linear dynamic theorist at the Free University of Brussels - this would represent an acceleration of 46g and would be beyond the possibility of any human pilot to endure.
It was noted that in spite of these speeds and acceleration times there was a marked absence of any sonic boom. The movements of this object were described by the pilots and radar operators as 'wildly erratic and step-like', and a zigzag course was taken over the city of Brussels with the two F-16s in pursuit. Visual contact was not possible against the lighting of the city.
This same procedure was repeated several times, with this object - whenever an attempt at radar 'lock-on' was made - pursuing a violently erratic course at impossible speed and losing its pursuers.
Some in Summary:
1) Object witnessed at Eupen, Wavre, Leige and Brussels
2) Reported in over 2,600 statements to police
3) Photographed by many people on both Video and Camera
4) Detected and Confirmed by radar stations on the ground
5) Detected, Confirmed and photographed on aircraft radar screens
6) Pursued for over an hour by two F-16s.
Colonel De Brouwer added "Immediatley after the operation, the pilots said they had never seen anything like it. Certainly the flight pattern and echo on their screens was in no way that of a conventional aircraft"
The Belgian Minister of Defence in the Belgian parliament stated that "The Government did not know what they were".

1990-07-??; Sverige, Sweden
Swedish UFO file "Maria",july 1990
It's in July in the summer of 1990. A woman, "Maria" and her mother, "Ulla" is driving their car on a road in Värmland in Sverige. They're going to a place in Värmland called Storfors. "Maria"s children is sleeping in the car. Suddenly, when their driving beside a field, a thing is "driving" by their side. It was, says "Maria" about 2,5 swedish metres over the ground. It's flying over the field for about three to four minutes, as fast as "Marias" car, about 70 kilometres per hour, when it suddenly disappears. The thing was sharp and it had got a cupola at it's top. "Maria" says that it was white-grey and it looked like a boat and she says that she couldn't identify a door or a window. After some minutes, "Ulla" and "Maria" starts to talk about what they had seen. Nobody of them knows.
In the summer of 1990, many people saw UFO's in Värmland (a State in Sweden).

1992-??-??; Portland, OR
Five photographs of this sighting were taken by a group of teenagers in Portland, Oregon in the spring of 1992. The teenagers were intimidated by local authorities who tried to stop their investigation of the phenomenon. One teenager had the courage to send the photographs to Anthony Dodd, a retired police inspector in England who also is an avid UFO investigator.

According to members of the Long Island UFO Network (LIUFON), a nonprofit research organization, they have evidence that on November 24, 1992 at 7:12 p.m., an alien spacecraft crashed near the area of south Haven Park in Suffolk County close to the residential communities of Shirley and Yaphank, Long Island, New York.

The principal witness, a Mr. Walter Knowles of Mastic Beach, said that he saw the object fall to Earth in a wooded area near South Haven Park along Gerard Road, which borders the western edge of the park.
According to a LIUFON press release, Knowles was driving east on Sunrise highway while returning home from work around 7:00 p.m.when he noticed an unusual aerial object to the south of the highway over the stand of trees that separates Sunrise from Montauk highway. He described the UFO as tubular in shape with two large bright blue lights on each end with a brilliant light in its center. The general color of the object appeared to be a dull, metallic gray.
As knowles watched the object, it executed a right-angle turn and began to tumble end over end on the north side of the highway.
He pulled his vehicle over to the right shoulder and got out of the automobile in time to see object crash to the northwest.Upon impact, Knowles stated, the object emitted a powerful beam of white light, which shot into the night sky.
Later, during the course of their research, LIUFON would learn that the light from the crashed object was seen by residents in the area as far north as Ridge and as far west as Bald Hill in Coram.
Several other motorists joined Knowles at the side of the road, and they all watched as the light subsided into an amber glow- which, in Knowles's opinion, indicated a fire in progress in the wooded area.
Convinced that he had witnessed the crash of a UFO, Knowles decided to leave the area and continue his drive home. As he was nearing the ext for William Floyd Parkway, he observed a formation of four large, black, military-type helicopters with no visible markings arriving on the crash scene.
A short time later, after he had arrived at his home, Knowles became perplexed when he learned that there was no news coverage of any type of crash- conventional aircraft or UFO-in the area. Knowles asked his brother-in-law to return with him to the area where he had witnessed the tubular-shaped UFO tumbling into the woods.
When they arrived on the scene about twenty-five minutes later, a military roadblock on William Floyd Parkway was detouring traffic west on Sunrise Highway. The miliraty personnel conducting the roadblock were dressed in black jumpsuits and their vehicles bore no identifying markings.
While knowlesand his brother-in-law were present on the scene, they saw five New York State Police cars being turned back by the black-suited military personnel. Although the state police at West Hampton Barracks later denied Knowles account, a confidential source from that unit confirmed the incident to a LIUFON investigator.
Finding the streets of Beatrice, Dawn and Sunset also blocked by military personnel dressed in black jumpsuits, Knowles found that he was still able to travel west on Victory Boulevard, and he and his brother-in-law drove up Gerard Road to the second bend in the road where he could see a large fire in progress about 300 yards back in the woods.
He told investigators from LIUFON that there was a strong airborne odor similar to that of burnt insulation and that he could see flames dancing near the top of trees in the park.
LIUFON researchers also received a report from a second eyewitness, a motorist from Brookhaven Hamlet, who sighted an unconventional aircraft while traveling eastbound on Sunrise at around 7:15 p.m. He did not observe the object crash into the park, but he did spot an unusual object in the sky around the time of the reported UFO's firey touchdown in South Haven Park.
Stubbornly investigating this remarkable UFO crash reportsince December 1992 when they were first contacted by Walter Knowles, the Long Island UFO Network (P.O. Box 1692, Riverhead, NY 11901), gatherd such information as the following:
 All federal, state and local agencies, including fire departments-shich would have been involved in the incident- have denied officially that such an event ever occured.
 However, on December 20, 1992, LIUFON investigators retrieved fire department equipment from the main fire road in the park that has been identified as being similar to equipment used by Brookhaven Hamlet Fire Department.
Subsequently, LIUFON received confirmation from a Brookhaven Hamlet Fire Department source that their unit was called to the park that night to put out fires caused by something that fell out of the sky. The anonymous source added that fire department personnel were prohibited by federal government orders from speaking about the incident.
 Suffolk County Police sounded a county-wide alert on the night of November 29, 1992, that a UFO had crashed nearWilliam Floyd Parkway and all units were to use land lines to receive instructions for emergency mobilization.
 The park itself was closed for several days after the UFO crash, and area residents reported Suffolk police manning roadblocks near the park entrance. At first county officials denied tha allegations that the park had been closed, but later informed the editor of the South Shore Press in Mastic Beach that the park had been closed to the general public because of the duck hunting season.
 Numerous area residents reported haveing heard the object crash on that November night. Others observed the black helicopters hovering over the area for hours.
 A great number of area residents have reported strange electrical problems that seem to stem from the events of that same November evening. Cable television and home appliances burned out; car batteries suddenly failed; the telephone system malfunctioned; ligt bulbs burned out with annoying frequency. All of these phenomena, LIUFON researchers suggest, could be the result of a massive electromagnetic pulse effect having occured in the area.
 LIUFON investigators discovered tow areas of flattened and broken trees along Gerard Road. One area over 100 yards long displayed signs of broken and splintered trees. Another spot 200 yards north gave evidence of broken trees and a recent fire.
Trees in the second area gave signs of holding a strong magnetic field after LIUFON researchers tested them with a magnetometer.
 A number of area residents reported to LIUFON that they encountered the same military and police roadblocks that Walter Knowles confronted on the night in question.
 Over seven municipal fire departments responded thatnight to answer the call to control fires set by the crash of the UFO. In addition, elements of the Brookhaven National Laboratories Fire Department and Emergency Response Team were dispatched to the location since they comprised the only unit on Long Island with the expertise to control a radiological fire.
In June 1993 LIUFON Chairman John Ford received a package in his home mailbox from an anonymous source. The package contained a videotape from a Defense Department systems analyst, who claimed to be a resident of Rocky Point, New York. The video appears to show the recovery of the wreckage of a UFO from an area north of South Haven Park.The tape also contains scenes of what would seem to be bodies and body parts suggestive of belonging to humanoid alien beings.
A complete examination of the tape under the auspices ofPreston Nichols and Alan Green, both members of LIUFON, has produced a video enhancement and stop-frame analysis of the tape, which further substantiates the suggestion that the bodies appear to be those of aliens, rather than humans.
The government analyst, who has since contacted LIUFON and identified himself, told Ford that the tape was confiscated from fire department personnel on the scene the night of November 29, 1992.
According to additional information received by LIUFON researchers, the wreckage of the UFOn is being stored and studied at Brookhaven National Laboratories.

1994-11-07; Southern, CO
Here is the entire text of the Nov 8, 1994 Rocky Mountain News article:
By Dick Foster Rocky Mountain News Southern Bureau
A southern Colorado rancher said Monday he found three of his cows mutilated southwest of Walsenburg. Ermenio Andreatta, who has ranched 45 years in the Middle Creek area 7 miles west of La Veta, discovered the cattle the last week of October. 'There was no struggle at all, like you could see. It just looked like they was dropped,' said Andreatta's wife, Theresa. Andreatta found one cow Oct. 24, a second cow on the 26th and a third on the 27th. The animals had no scratches or wounds that would indicate they struggled with predators. There were no tracks on the ground around them.
On two cows, the rectum and female organs had been cut out in clean incisions with little blood. Two teats were missing from each. 'It looks like they used a real sharp instrument. They weren't torn like an animal would do it,' Theresa Andreatta said. The third cow's tongue and udder were cut off.
Theresa Andreatta said the three cows were found in a quarter-mile radius in a pasture a half-mile from the couple's home. Her husband had moved them from the summer pasture Oct. 18. Cattle moving from dry to lush fields often develop asthma, she said, and her husband was checking them morning and evening, but they showed no signs of ill health.
Many livestock experts are skeptical of mutilation reports. They say scavengers eat the soft tissue of dead cattle most easily accessible -- tongues, eyes, rectums and udders -- giving the effect of mutilation. 'I don't know what happened to them or how they died, but to me, no predator killed these animals," said Huerfano County Deputy Sheriff David McCane.
McCane and wildlife officer Lonnie Brown found no wounds on the animals. There were unexplained dark patches on the cows' chest and belly areas, McCane said. McCane said two of the animals were untouched by scavengers as they lay in the field a week after their deaths."
1994-11-13; Mora County, NM
One 1994 New Mexico incident in particular added a new twist to the drama. On September 13, in a remote area of Mora County, mild-mannered carpenter Larry Gardea was hunting for bear in a birch and aspen grove. What Gardea said he saw, and heard, is regarded as a first in mutilations-related activity in this country.
According to Gardea, as he approached a chain-link fence he saw a dead cow lying about 30 feet in front of him. Immediately, he noticed a large, cylindrical hole where the animal's rectum should have been.
About 10 feet beyond that cow was another, sitting motionless on its knees. Suddenly, about a dozen other cows began running in the opposite direction. Gardea's eyes followed them for a moment. Simultaneously, Gardea began hearing a whirring or humming sound he likened to the noise made by a welder's torch. When he turned back to look at the two downed cows, he saw a third cow moving through the air, just slightly above the ground, as if it were being pulled by a gravitational force or beam. The cow, bawling and struggling for freedom, was being dragged into the thick of the forest. Gardea saw no object of any kind in the direction the cow was being pulled, but instinctively raised is rifle and shot twice toward the sound.
The sound ceased, the cow got away, and Gardea, obviously frightened, ran like hell. Less than an hour later, he returned to the site with Mora County sheriff's deputy Greg Laumbach and some other local folks. The mutilated cow was still there -- the flesh was stripped from its lower jaw and a perfect circle of hide was removed. But the cow Gardea had seen on its knees was gone, and had not been located as of mid-November.
"It's the first time I'd seen anything like that," the dead cow's owner Estevan Sanchez said later.

1994-12-25; California City, CA
Iím 52 years old, a retired pilot and executive, and have a strong interest in aviation and familiarity with air vehicles.
Since the age of five I have had numerous sightings, but in the past few years they have been more numerous. Another sighting had taken place at my in-laws home in California City, just outside of Edwards Air Force base. This sighting occurred on the morning of December 25th 1994 at 3:00 AM.
We were down from Washington for Christmas, and were staying in my in-laws 5th wheel trailer behind their house. I was awakened and felt a desire to look out the window. There was a bright light, in a saucer shape coming in from the North east at an extreme rate of speed. I used to be at Edwards and am familiar with aircraft at a distance by observing F-4ís, F-16ís and the like. This object was doing in excess of 1200 mph when it came to a hover within a few seconds, and then did a "falling leaf" maneuver down below the hill tops. The next day I took out my compass and map and determined the craft landed at Edwards North Base. Some of the most top secret work goes on there.

1995-06-19; Cedar City, Utah
The night of June 19, 1995, at 10:30PM, I saw something kind of strange in the night sky that I had never seen before or since. I was looking in the Northern part of the sky about 11:00 position, and I saw what later I thought was a "convoy." The first thing I saw were two dark red lights that stayed on going slowly across the sky. Then I saw another two red lights going in the same direction after the first two, one right after the other, each object keeping the exact same distance from each other in the sky.
Then came "a whole bunch" of what I think were "balls of white lights" all sort of together but moving around like fireflies in the "bunch" some twinkling and some not, but all bunching together in not any kind of pattern. They were not making any kind of noise but were smaller than all the other lights. These lights could NOT have had wings or they would have bumped each other. Some would kind of go away from others then return into the bunch just as if they were being herded like sheep or something across the sky, going west, exactly toward Area 51 in Nevada, from where I was in Cedar City, Utah.
Then in the same "convoy" there came what looked like one craft with three white lights in a triangular pattern, I could not see a particular craft so I am supposing this craft, was triangular in shape, but quite large. Then after that came, what Iím sure were two more "regular" type of airplanes with their sounds and typical lights. Then nothing more. I can only guess that it was some kind of "escort" of these strange lighted balls being escorted to Area 51. I sure wish someone in authority would please tell me what I saw that night? But Iím sure myself that someone, probably the government sure knew what was going on at that time. If any one can tell me the truth of what it was, without just guessing, I would sure like to know!

1995-11-??; Georgia
Iíd like to offer my testimony, and Iíd be willing to take polygraph tests or whatever to establish my sincerity. I saw a triangle-shaped UFO just above tree top level in Georgia in 1995 in mid-November with a carload of friends.
It appeared a little bigger than the house it was hovering behind. It was shinning a blue-white beam onto the ground in the back where the cattle were. We stopped the car, I got out and sound came from the UFO. Then the beam went off, and it started moving towards the back of our car at about 5 mph, seeming not to care much about our seeing it. Kelsey has not been the same since...pretty shaken up. I could have hit it with a rock. We turned around and tried to follow it. It descended behind another ridge about a mile off. We never saw it again.
It was arrowhead shaped and had a light in each corner but the beam came from the center. It was sighted about 150 yards from the road behind the house.

1996-10-05; Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil
A giant pyramid-shaped UFO was seen over Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil on October 5, 1996.

1996-11-03; Constanza, Romania
On Sunday, November 3, 1996, Marta Ionescu, 27, was at the beach in Eforie Nord, 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of Constanza, Romania's seaport on the Black Sea. Sharing the beach with about 50 other onlookers, Marta spied "three red spheres positioned in a triangle shape. Moving but always keeping a triangle" The beach crowd "stopped and stared as the spheres disappeared one by one."
1996-11-03; Huntington, WV
On Sunday afternoon, November 3, 1996, at approximately 1:35 p.m., members of the Williams family were "out watching airplanes" in the yard of their Huntington, West Virginia home. Suddenly, Jason, aged 6, their middle son, pointed out an unusual "bird" to his father. The family watched it zip back and forth across the sky in birdlike fashion. "All of a sudden, it took off at a high rate of speed," heading toward Lesage, W.V. Mrs. Williams described the object as "circular shape, no lights, color is white," estimating its altitude as "30,000 feet (7,575 meters), perhaps higher." Huntington, W.V. lies on the south bank of the Ohio River and is 40 miles (64 kilometers) east of Portsmouth, Ohio. (Email Interview)

1996-11-05; Florida Panhandle
On Tuesday, November 5, at 6:45 p.m., dozens of homes in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties in northwestern Florida called police to report mysterious "explosions in the sky." The "rattled callers from Santa Rose County to Mobile (Alabama) and from Pensacola Beach (population 800) to Cantonment (population 3,450) reported shaking houses, rattling windows and doors vibrating in their homes. More called Wednesday (November 6) to report booms." (See the Pensacola News Journal for November 11, 1996 "UFO, Quakes, Jet Ruled Out in Booms.") Lt. j.g. David Speicher, speaking for the U.S. Navy air station at Pensacola, said, "From what we have found out, it had nothing to do with NAS (Navy air station) or any other aircraft." Other military bases in the area, such as Hurlburt Field and Eglin Air Force Base, plus the Mississippi Air National Guard, all denied "flying supersonic aircraft on Tuesday." A local police chief said he "received no reports of UFO sightings in the Gulf Breeze area (southeast of Pensacola), which is considered a hotspot for such activity."

1996-11-07; Constanza, Romania
On Thursday night, November 7, 1996, Elena Antonescu, 29, was watching a gymnastics performance on her TV at her apartment in Constanza. "During the publicity (commercial)," she said, "I went to the kitchen and opened a window to smoke a cigarette. I am a very enthusiastic smoker. As I was looking in the sky, (she noticed) it was a cloudy night. I was looking at a 'red star,' saying to myself that it's a UFO. After thinking this, I started to watch (scan) the sky to see if there were any stars. After smoking my cigarette in peace, I saw a red ball...not round, but like a rugby ball...up in the sky. I became afraid. I started to close the window. But it was too late. This strange thing was right in front of my window at about 50 meters (165 feet away). I ran away, scared, to my neighbor." In the adjoining apartment, Elena convinced her neighbors to go to the French windows overlooking the terrace. "It took three seconds for the UFO to arrive in front of my window," Elena said. "Its color was bright red, like something between pink, orange and red, bright with a half-sphere shape. It looked like a half-moon (or inverted bowl). My neighbors looked at it more than I did. After I calmed down, they told me it was (had been) moving slowly to the left and to the right. After fifteen minutes, it went away. (By then) We were not watching the window because we were afraid." Romania's current UFO flap began in June when MOI-TV in Bucharest reported a saucer landing in Vidra, a remote village in the Carpathian Mountains of the Vrancea district. The entire village saw a platoon of UFO occupants, whom they described as "gray, smaller than we humans, with big ears and big eyes. People were afraid and ran and hid." The following day, a red-sphere UFO was seen flying over the forests of the Galati district, 150 kilometers (80 miles) east of Vidra, near the Ukrainian border. (Email Interview)

1996-11-11; San Diego County, CA
On Monday, November 11, 1996, Donna B. was driving through eastern San Diego County, not far from Calipatria (population 2,650) at about 8 p.m. Suddenly, she saw a strange object hovering in the night sky to the northeast, near the Chocolate Mountains. She described the UFO as "an object with flashing red and blue lights." She said nighttime air traffic in the area "flew normal patterns. They did not appear to be concerned." Donna adds that she saw "an identical UFO" in the same area back in July. (Email Interview)

1996-11-14; Anomalous Object Spotted in Deep Space
 On Thursday, November 14, 1996, at 6 p.m., Chuck Shramek, an amateur astronomer from Houston, Texas was observing the Comet Hale-Bopp in his backyard telescope when he spied an anomalous object seemingly near the comet. Shramek described the object as "Saturn-shaped, self- luminous" and "four-and-a-half times larger than the Earth." He immediately photographed that area of space and obtained a clear image of Hale-Bopp with the highly-luminous UFO at a two o'clock position relative to the comet. On Friday, November 15, Shramek appeared as a guest on the Art Bell Show and described the strange object he had seen. Art Bell's broadcast ignited an immediate debate among scientists. Astronomer Terence C. Platt identified the object as a "nearby star, SAO141894, which is sufficiently bright to show diffraction images... Several spikes are often seen when imaging bright stars in a Newtonian reflector. SAO141894 is listed as magnitude 8.5 but it is of spectral type M and this gives it a very bright infrared excess." Another astronomer, David W. Knisely, said the object might be "another star at that location--HD162115," which is a magnitude 9.9 star. "But," he added, "I think that this object may be a geostationary satellite which just happened to get a sun flash off a solar panel." Anyone who wants a closer look at Shramek's mysterious object will be able to find Comet Hale Bopp at these coordinates on November 19: Right Ascension Declination Elong. Magnitude 17h 52.9m -01.54 37ev 4.0 (Editor's Comment: I think Knisely is right about it being an object much closer to Earth. The object in the photo is overexposed and appears to be reflecting light from 80 percent of its surface. This suggests that it's much closer to the camera. It could be a photo of a satellite--or a Saturn-shaped UFO--that wandered into the field of view of Shramek's telescope. Concerning "Saturn-shaped" UFOs, review the Trinidade Island, Brazil case of January 16, 1958.)

1997-??-??; Corinne, Utah
Both my daughter and I have seen these triangle UFOís. We live in a remote area, with only farmers. One early morning, about 4:00, a few days before Christmas, I saw very clearly a huge triangle UFO over a neighborís house. For some funny reason I was not that interested and went to bed.
A few nights later, my daughter saw the same thing in the same place. She went to another window to get a better look and a fog came in from nowhere, covered the UFO and as it cleared the UFO was gone. She ran to wake me up, but it was too late.
We saw them in the winter of 1997. The outline was obvious to both of us. It was ½ mile or less away and bigger than two houses. It had lights around the perimeter, but not in a symmetrical order. I live in Corinne, Utah. My daughter saw the UFO at about 10:00 p.m.
What was the strangest thing to me is that I did not watch it for long. I almost did not care! I am a VERY curious person. I should have studied it longer.

1997-04-??; Parker, CO
I am passing on a report of a telephone interview I had with a couple two years ago this month. Iíll have to give you the report from memory . Iíll refer to them as husband, wife and son as they requested anonymity and decided to not have their report further investigated. They seemed be comforted in the fact that they werenít crazy and that others had seen FTs in our area before. I was disappointed that they didnít want to continue the investigation, because as youíll see, there were some unique qualities of this report regarding the description of the FT and some bizarre occurrences the next day.
In late April 1997, a couple that lived in Parker, CO (a fast growing, high income area just south of the Denver Metro area) were enjoying the spring weather in their hot tub on their back porch. It was late afternoon and the sky was clear. While in the tub, the wind had picked up a bit and they sunk down in the tub to keep warm. Wife retrieved a baseball cap to keep her hair up and dry. While getting the cap, she noticed a dark object about a quarter of a mile away between some trees as it rose from the ground. That side of the house faced some horse pasture land. The movement of the object caught her attention and she described it as looking spider-like similar to the lunar lander from the Apollo moon missions. It was all black and she couldnít make out any details other than its overall shape and color.
Getting back in the water, she brought the object to the attention of her husband. Husband is an electrical engineer and works for an aerospace firm. He rose out of the water to get a look and soon sighted the object. The object slowly climbed to an altitude that he estimated to be about 100 ft above the ground by using the trees as a reference. In a deliberate and slow pace, the object began to move in their direction and changed shape. Wife described it like one of their childís "Transformer" toys as it changed from a spider-like configuration to a wedge or triangle shape. Having observed the change in shape and its direction of travel now approaching them they both became very anxious. They continued talking to each other to make sure they were both seeing the same thing. As the FT came closer more details were noted about the object. One thing is that the triangle shape wasnít a perfect isosceles triangle.
Both were very bothered by the fact that the FTís flight path was coming directly at them. Their 5 year old son was upstairs and they felt it was wise to just hunker down in the tub and not try to draw any attention to themselves. More details became apparent as the FT approached. Husband was intrigued by the fact that the object now seemed to be squared off at the edges and somewhat "boxy" in appearance. The edges werenít aerodynamic like heíd thought theyíd be. The FT continued its flight path directly towards their house. Both witnesses got a very good look at its structure because of its slow velocity. As it passed overhead they both described it the same way. Now, this might be hard to visualize but Iíll do the best that I can as passed on to me. We all have seen the large propane storage cylinders that people in rural areas keep in their back yards. Imagine the body of this craft made up of maybe a hundred of these shapes in vertical alignment connected by a lattice structure. Some of the cylinders were glowing colors at the ends. Green, amber, and red were some of the colors described. Not all cylinders glowed. They noticed no sound but felt a low hum as it passed over their heads. Husband said that he noticed in some parts, due to the lattice structure, he could see the sky through it. Wife didnít notice this because her baseball cap bib cut off her vision and she was too afraid to even look up directly at the underside of the FT.
The FT continued over them and finally passed their view passing over the roof line of the house. Feeling they were out of sight of the object, they both jumped out of the tub and ran upstairs to check on their son. He was fine and seemed oblivious to the event. Relieved, husband looked out the far side of the house and could not see the FT. He went downstairs and out the front of the house and still could not find the FT.
The next day, while the husband was at work, a couple of strange events occurred in the house that upset the wife. The first thing was that there was a laundry basket of toys sitting near/on the stairs going to the second level of the house. While the wife was in the kitchen, an electronic toy bat that was sitting on top of the toys turned on. It made sounds and flapped its wings. The toy was bought for the previous Halloween. The wife picked up the toy and tried to turn it off. The toy was still activated and I canít remember if she pulled the batteries out of it or broke it to shut it up. She went back to the kitchen which faces out to the back of the house to that same large porch/deck that the hot tub is located. Outside the kitchen window she had a view of a plant(s) in a large clay pot. She heard a very loud "POP!" and saw the pot break, spilling soil and plant(s) over the deck. This scared her and she checked on her son. He was okay. She went out to clean up the mess and started to feel weird. She started to get pictures in her head and wrote them down on a pad in the kitchen. She drew them as best as she could and showed them to her husband when he got home. She was very spooked about the dayís happenings and the husband was very perplexed because he could make out a kind of schematic that his wife had drawn including some electronic schematic symbols he could recognize. I asked him if the schematic made any sense to him and he said that it didnít.
The next day the wife went out to their driveway and noticed that their son had drawn a pattern that duplicated the outline of the FT using those big sidewalk chalks that kids like to play with. They had no other experiences that they could tie in with their sighting when they called me in late April.
They were in their late 20s and both sounded very credible and concerned about the series of events that they had experienced. I could not directly investigate their experience as they decided to not pursue the investigation. On our second and last telephonic conversation, they asked me as many questions as I asked them. They obviously were trying to assimilate their experience into their worldview. As I said before, they seemed to get comfort in the fact that other people had had FT experiences in our area. I thanked them for the report and respect their desired privacy.