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UFO Reports 1986-1989
1986-??-??; Japan
Fearful of official and social reprisals, an unknown witness has kept silent about this sighting for many years, until recently, when he released the film to the Nippon Television Network.

1986-??-??; Cedar Hill, TX
CAUS Jane Doe for this report:
I have two to tell you today. The first one happened in 1985 or, more likely, 1986, on my sonís (9th or 10th) birthday. I had invited my friend and her two children to celebrate with us at my parents house in Cedar Hill, Texas. After the party, just after dusk, we were all saying good-bye on the front porch when I noticed something strange in the sky across the road over our neighbors land. My parents owned a lot with two and a half acres and the neighbor across the street had around ten or more. About two acres in from the road, he had a line of Cedar trees and, forgive me, I canít judge distances very well, but maybe 100 yards above the trees was a golden triangular craft spinning in place. I pointed this out to my friend and my son who both also became very excited. From our vantage point at this distance, it appeared to be about the size of a small car but the rest of the description, which the three of us did not really discuss in detail until about a year later, varies a bit. What I remember is that it was gold in color and the middle seemed cut out, like a triangular shaped ruler, and I donít remember seeing stars but the middle was black as if you could see the night sky through it. A year later my friend remembered it being solid and multicolored, throwing off sparkling lights as it spun! We watched it spin for what seemed like about ten minutes and the faster it spun, the smaller it got. As soon as I spotted it, I began yelling to the family in the house to come out and see this thing, not wanting to leave my spot for fear I would miss something, but no one paid any attention until it was just a speck in the sky. At this point my brother finally came out to see what all the commotion was about, but he just got to see a speck disappear. My son and I have remembered it fondly over the years because it appeared on his birthday which seemed so special and felt just like a part of the celebration. Kind of like how seeing the city fireworks show would feel on the Fourth of July if it were happening just for
In what may be a related event, this same friend, along with my sister and I, sometime after that (I canít remember how long after) witnessed a creature that, in my estimation, fits the description I heard years later of the big foot creature seen by so many contactees/abuductees. However, my friend and I have vastly different memories of this one. And in her version, the creature had, guess what, triangular shaped feet that rotated (spun?) end over end as it walked. I donít know, but I just thought that memory could have had some spill over from the triangle in the sky event because I donít remember the creature that way at all, and also because I think anomalous events of high strangeness can wreak havoc on the mind. But one thing is very clear. We both saw something very strange. My sister, who was driving, became very upset when my friend began yelling about what we saw and when I wanted her to turn around to go back for a second look she began yelling about how she didnít see anything and we were for SURE not going back to see what it was she didnít just see, if you get the drift. So, hereís what I saw. It was night, the three of us were on our way back to my parents house from the store when we passed what looked to me like a seven foot dark and hairy beast standing on the side of the road to our left. I saw it in the headlights just before we passed it and my friend apparently saw it too because we both started yelling at the same time, " wow! Did you see that!!??" and, being the more adventurous type with an insatiable curiosity, I ordered my sister to turn around so we could see what it was. She, of course, refused and continued driving home. When we got there, everyone wanted to know what took us so long because apparently we had been gone a lot longer than it should have taken even though we made no other stops. The funny part is, we, none of us including my sister, mentioned a word about our scare on the way home, which I remembered later as being pretty exciting. Later turned out to be about a year, perhaps because I didnít see my friend much after that event, but after a year or so we were talking about the triangular craft event when we suddenly both remembered the creature affair. "Hey," I said, "do you remember that thing we saw on the side of the road?" She said yes, but it wasnít on the side of the road, it was moving across the road in front of us, from the left to the right side of the road. And it wasnít black and hairy, it was black and leathery, and it wasnít standing upright as Iíd remembered but was horizontal and moving across the road on itís belly, and it didnít have legs but had triangular shaped feet that went down on a side, up on a point, down on a side, up on a point and so on as it "walked" across the road. This was a little different from my version. So who knows what we saw, but while my imagination could certainly go to a very large black bear, though Iím sure Iíd never believe it without solid proof, hers certainly did not. Iíve always asked myself why not. This woman was a healthy mother of two who was gainfully employed doing advanced computer work for a large computer systems corporation. She was also very down to earth and not prone to indulging in any kind of fantasy and so should have been able at least in her imagination to pass this off as something ordinary. But then again, I had to admit that for sure the first event and, to only a slightly lesser degree, the second event, were both something exceedingly extraordinary.

1986-01-03; Roseville, CA.
Three witnesses observed circular object aproximately 300 feet in diameter directly over them. The object then made a 90 degree turn, went into a fast speed and disappeared out of sight. Witnesses said while observing the object it made a rumbling sound and shook a house and a barn. Duration of the sighting was aprox- imately 20 seconds.

1986-01-19; Edwards AFB, CA.
While driving south on Highway U.S. 395 near Edwards Air Rorce Base, two witnesses reported observing a stationary long rectangular shaped object. The witnesses said that the object was a bright silver in its color. The witnesses also said when they were near the object their radio had a lot of static on it. The witnesses said when they stopped the car the object had disappeared. Total duration of sighting: ten minutes.

1986-03-27; Gary, IN
Two witnesses reported observing a large triangle or triangular-shaped object with colored lights on it. The witnesses said the object moved about at a high rate of speed and made a fast stop. The witnesses said the object was stationary for approximately 30 seconds. They also said the object was about 10 times larger then a airliner. The object made no sound at all witnesses said. The distance from them to the object was approximately 300 feet and the total time observed was 12 minutes.

1986-11-17; Anchorage, AK
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A mysterious unidentified flying object with flashing white and yellow strobe lights followed a Japan Air Lines cargo jet across the Arctic Circle, the crew says. The three-man crew radioed air traffic controllers in Anchorage that a huge UFO was flying "in formation" with them and the Air Force briefly confirmed and object near the plane, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Paul Steucke. He said the FAA in Anchorage and Fairbanks did not pick up the object. The incident occurred Nov.17 but was not made public earlier. Flight 1628 had left Reykjavik, Iceland, flying over the North Pole to Tokyo with a stop in Anchorage. When it landed at Anchorage, FAA security manager Jim Derry interviewed the pilot, Co-pilot and flight engineer. When the report was made to the Air Route Traffic Control Center at 6:19 p.m., Steucke said controllers tried to find the object on radar but "were unable to comfirm a second target with our equipment." At 6:26 p.m. Steucke said the Air Force told the FAA it "saw a second target (object) 8 miles away (from the JAL jet) but they contacted us a mimute later and said they were no longer receiving any radar return (of a second object)." Steucke added, "At 6:32 the JAL pilot requested and received permission for a descent from 35,000 feet to 31,000." Air controllers asked if the lights were still there, and were told, "It is descending in formation." At 6:39 p.m., 20 minutes after the lights first reported, the JAL crew said it no longer saw the lights. At 6:45 p.m. Fairbanks controllers authrized a United Airlines northbound jet to make a 10 degree turn to better view the JAL plane and asked the United crew if it saw anything besides the Boeing 747. It did not. Nor did the JAL crew see the lights again.

On December 1st 1987 former British police officer, Philip Spencer, set off across Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire, to visit his father-in-law.
As he walked past an area known as White Well, movement in a nearby quarry caught his attention. As he looked he saw a 'small green creature' not more that 10 feet away. Philip always carried his camera with him to photograph the moors, and as he raised his camera to snap up his strange friend the creature made a disapproving gesture with his right arm. Philip managed to take one photograph before the creature disappeared into the quarry.
Philip followed the creature into the quarry only to see a silver saucer-shaped object hovering in the quarry. The object then took off vertically at great speed and disappeared.
When Philip noticed his watch he realised that over 2 hours had passed for an incident that felt like minutes. He then got his photos developed in one of those 1 hour photoshops. Although the picture was very blurred and out-of-focus it showed the creature, therefore restoring his faith that he had not gone barking mad.
The picture was shown not to of been tampered with after it was examined by Kodak.
Philip then decided the best course of action to try and remember the missing 2 hours, was to get hypnotically regressed. During the session these following words were spoken by Philip:
"I'm walking along the moor. Oh! It's quite windy. There's a lot of clouds. Walking up towards the trees, I see this little something, can't tell, but he's green. It's moving towards me. Oh! I can't move. I'm stuck. He's still coming towards me. And I still can't move....I'm stuck, and everything's gone fuzzy. I'm ....I'm floating along in the air....I want to get down!And this green thing's walking ahead of me, and I don't like it.
I still can't move. I'm going around the corner and this green thing's in front of me. Oh, God, I want to get down. There's a ....there's a big silver saucer thing, and there's a door in it, and I don't want to go in there! Everything's gone black now..."
Philip also remembered being show an ecological film warning him of what the earth is doing to itself, as well as a form of medical examination.

On the 20th January 1988, whilst driving on the Eyre Highway, Nullarbor, Australia Faye Knowles her 3 sons and the family dog, were travelling towards South Australia to visit some relatives.
As they were driving along they suddenly saw a strange light ahead of them. It was pale yellow and seemed to be zigzagging around. The object then shot straight towards the Knowles family and hovered right in front of the car. They described the object as looking like an egg in an egg cup.
After swerving and zigzagging themselves to try and get clear of the object they suddenly realised that the object was now hovering directly above their car. The Knowles family could hear a high-pitched humming sound as the car was being tossed from side to side by apparently very strong winds.
During this time they also noticed a terrible smell of electrical burning, and the car was filling up with a strange grey mist. All of a sudden they realised that the car was no longer touching the surface of the road. It seemed to be hovering a few meters up.
After a short while the car crashed back down to earth and crashed off the edge of the highway. Inside the car there was a fine sprinkling of powder and a the strange electrical burning smell.
They reported the incident to both police and UFO investigators, who took samples of the grey powder. The powder contained chemicals very similar to those that NASA use to coat the surface of the space shuttle.

1988-01-21; Oak Harbor, WA
After a thorough investigation of all pertinent facts, the UFO sighting reported by Dan MacIndoe of Oak Harbor on January 21st, 1988 has been classified as a true "unknown". The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)--a civilian organization of trained professionals that investigates UFO reports--has ruled out all possible conventional explanations for the object seen by Mr. MacIndoe, his wife, mother, mother-in-law and father-in-law, and three-year-old daughter.
Dan MacIndoe, age 32, an ex-Navy lieutenant with seven years military service in the field of aviation supply--including work assignments with the Navy's prestigious Blue Angels squadron--was rated as an exceptionally credible witness by the MUFON organization.
The UFO encounter began at 10:45 p.m. on the night of January 21st at the MacIndoe home not far from the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. Flight operations at Whidbey NAS had by that time been over for 15 minutes, with the last plane reported "on the deck" at 10:30 p.m.
The UFO was first observed by Cornelia MacIndoe, age 72, Dan MacIndoe's mother, who sighted a bright, orange-yellow stationary light in the southern sky when she went outside to smoke a cigarette. She called the entire family's attention to the object, and together they watched as the UFO shot straight up for approximately 3 degrees of arc from a position 25 degrees above the horizon in the direction of the Naval Air Station. The object then abruptly stopped, made a sharp right-angle turn in the horizontal direction and came straight towards them.
According to MacIndoe's account, the object covered a distance of one and a half miles in approximately 3 seconds. As the UFO approached the house it seemed to slow, taking approximately 15 seconds to slowly drift directly over the heads of the five adult witnesses and child. It disappeared from view as it traveled in a straight path to the NNE, passing behind some tall fir trees behind the MacIndoe house.
While the object was passing overhead Dan MacIndoe was able to observe the object through a 135 mm telephoto lens, and was also able to determine that there was no sound associated with its flight. Mr. MacIndoe described the shape of the underside of the object as that of "a perfect circle."
"The lights were blueish-white in nature and I estimate 15 lights spanned the circumference of the circle. All remained on forming a circle of 'running lights'. The lights would pulse brighter in sequence, I believe going in a clockwise direction," Dan MacIndoe reported.
He went on to say, "...during the event winds were calm, there were scattered clouds in the vicinity. We live in a rural area. There were no sounds. During the entire episode none of us heard the usual prop or jet noise associated with military aircraft using the airfield. At the time the object was directly overhead I asked my family for complete silence to listen for engine noise. There was absolute silence."
According to Dr. Donald Johnson, Washington State Director for MUFON, a combination of factors were sufficient to rule out all mundane explanations for the sighting. "The fact that this overflight occurred in restricted military airspace, together with the testimony of multiple witnesses, the complete lack of sound, the observation of the unusual lighting pattern on the object seen through magnification, and the lack of wind combine to provide sufficient information to classify this case as an unknown"
"In other words, there is little possibility that the object the MacIndoes and others reported seeing that night was a satellite, balloon, commercial or military airplane or helicopter, or astronomical body." The National Weather Service and Whidbey NAS were called to confirm that there were no weather balloons released at that time. Additionally, several of Mr. MacIndoe's Dugualla Bay neighbors and others from as far away as Lake Washington, Edmonds, and Bellingham called him to report that they had also witnessed unusual lights in the sky that evening.
Dr. Johnson reports that the field investigation has been evaluated by the national headquarters as complete. The sighting was assigned a strangeness rating of four on a five-point scale--labeled as "strange, does not conform to known principles", and it also received a probability rating of four on a five point scale-"credible and sound."

1988-03-05; West Seattle, WA
DATE: March 5, 1988
TIME: Between 9:20 and 9:25 P.M.
LOCATION: West Seattle, Washington
DURATION: 1-3 minutes
SOURCE OF SIGHTING: UFO Reporting Center 206-722-3000
INVESTIGATOR: Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D., MUFON
While crossing the street on foot from a corner convenience store a man and a woman observed a huge, metallic spherical-shaped object surrounded by a corona of bright blue light over the West Seattle golf course. They described the object as "as wide as a football field is long" (300 feet). They heard a humming sound, and estimated the altitude to be only 300 yards above the golf course.
They reported being nearly knocked down by a car because they were standing there in the middle of the street "kind of mesmerized" by the sight of such a strange object so close to the ground in a populated area. The driver of the car who stopped got out and also watched the object. Together they watched the object for a period of approximately 30-40 seconds. It moved very quickly right, then left--in a zig-zag fashion as it gained altitude--and then departed very quickly into the upper atmosphere.
The woman is in her thirties and works as a transit operator for the regional transit system. The man, her boyfriend, is in his forties. After the sighting they discussed what they had seen with the other witness. The other witness suggested that they not report it to anyone and drove off without giving his name.

1988-03-30; The Alley Abduction
Place UK
Date: 03-30-1988
Time: 05:25 am
Kind: CE4
The following article has been reproduced from the latest edition of UFO Magazine (UK). The article, entitled as above, was written by Tony Dodd, the chief investigator of Quest International, publishers of the magazine. Tony Dodd is regarded as one of the most highly respected, experienced investigators in the U.K., if not the world.
My reasons for doing so are that it is a rare account of an alleged mother and daughter abduction, the abduction accounts are exceptionally detailed and it contains some unusual and perhaps fundamentally important aspects:
A summary of the account follows:
It was just another call on the UFO hotline...
I asked the caller to relate details of what had happened and the strange circumstances which had befallen Clair and Barbara began to unfold.
"It was 30th March 1988. I was forty-five years old at the time, and my daughter was twenty-four. It was 5.25 a.m. when we left my house in Birmingham to go to work at a nearby mill. It was a dark morning and as usual we took a short cut down some nearby alleys to get to the mill which was about 15 minutes away. We had taken this route many times without any problems, but on this morning, we heard a strange distant humming sound but didn't take much notice of it, only to comment that it was unusual at that time of day."
"Suddenly we were both startled by a light which was shining down on us from above. It was like somebody shining a bright torch. We both stopped and looked up and became frightened as the light was getting larger and larger, until it was directly over our heads. I remember holding my daughter's hand and then starting to feel dizzy. The next thing I remember was walking along the alley with my daughter, but something was wrong. We were both in a daze and both walking erratically because we were dizzy. My daughter was wearing a leather coat which was dry when we set off, but now it was wet, yet it hadn't been raining."
"We felt very strange and when we eventually reached the mill gates we were confronted by the security guard who commented that we were very late for work. I don't remember much about that day, neither does my daughter. Since that time we have always been apprehensive about going to work in the morning."
The woman, who was called Clair, and her daughter, Barbara, felt that something had happened to them that morning...
...Further questioning revealed that both women suffered from a form of sunburn on their faces and arms after the incident. They also suffered from nose bleeds and a strange naval discharge. Barbara stated that a small patch of hair was missing at the nape of her neck.
The women agreed to undergo hypnotic regression. Arrangements were made for this to take place on the 12th March 1994. it was decided that Clair would be regressed first. This was conducted out of sight and sound of her daughter. Under hypnosis she was taken back to the morning of the incident...She was invited to remember all the events of that day, from that point and then left to tell her own story.
"We have closed the door and are walking down the street, not in any hurry, we have plenty of time. It's dark and quiet and we are talking about everyday family matters. We are turning into a narrow alley, it's our shortcut to work. I can hear our footsteps as we walk. I can hear another sound, it's strange...never heard it before, it's like a low humming sound...seems to be above us. There's a light in the air, it's like a torch shining down on me, it's getting bigger. We're frightened, holding each others hand. I feel strange, the light is now below us, we're looking down on the light. There's a moon above us, we're moving towards it."
There now followed a long pause and she started to talk again, she had a bewildered expression on her face.
"Where am I? A room, it's all white, everything is white, it seems to have a window all the way round it. I'm laying on a table, can't move. I've got no clothes on. There's a netting cloth over my legs, it feels wet. I can see Barbara, she's laying on a table next to me, she has no clothes on, there's netting over her legs as well, what are they doing?"
At this point I asked her "What is who doing?" She answered, "The little men." I asked her to tell us what they looked like and she said, "They're strange, only small, they've got tiny ears and big black eyes. They're very thin, they've got three very long fingers." Questions were then raised over the figures clothing. "They're not wearing any clothes and their skin is white. There's some around my table and some around Barbara's."
Now she started to show fear in her face, and said, "They're touching my stomach, they feel cold. They're looking at my hands and feet. They've got a long glass tube, it's only thin. They seem to be pushing it into my stomach through my navel." I asked her if she was feeling any pain, and she replied, "No, but they have left the tube sticking out, they are now looking at my hair. It feels as though they are pulling it. They have gone back to my stomach. They are pulling the tube out, it's got fluid in it. I think they are taking eggs from me."
Clair started to show anxiety for her daughter, saying things like, "please don't hurt her." She went on to reveal that the small figures placed a cup- shaped object over her head. Some time later she was allowed off the table and taken to a wall where a large television-like screen appeared. One of the figures pushed some buttons. Symbols lit-up on the screen, including triangles, squares and wavy lines. The screen then changed, television-type pictures of wars, fighting and explosions appeared. She continued:
"It's strange, everything I touch seems wet. There are some other people standing at the back of the room. They are very tall, not like the small men. One is standing closer than the others, he has got long blond hair. He seems to have blue eyes. He is wearing a silver suit with a blue badge on the left of his chest. The badge is a circle with a triangle next to it, with two zig-zag lines next to the triangle."
After this she was allowed to put her clothes back on and began to feel dizzy and disoriented. She suddenly found herself back in the alley with her daughter who looked dazed. She grasped her leather coat and asked "How has my coat got wet?"
They continued their short journey to work. Neither person had many memories of the rest of the day, but Clair said "It was if we were working in a daze." They noticed what appeared to be sunburn on their faces and other parts which had not been covered by clothing.
Clair was eventually brought out of her hypnotic state and taken to another room to rest.
Barbara was now brought to the room and put into a hypnotic state - taken back to the date of the incident, to the point where she and her mother were leaving home to go to work. At this stage she was asked to recall the events of the day.
Barbara related how they left home in the dark to walk to work. In the alley they heard the strange sound. She then started to show signs of fear as she described the light shining down on them from the sky and how she first thought it was a helicopter. The light seemed to come down on top of them and they were holding each other in fear. At this point her speech became disoriented and difficult to understand. She was showing signs of stress. There was then a long pause before she continued. "I'm laying on a table without my clothes. I can see my mum, she's laying on another table."
She then started to cry, saying, "I want my mum, I want my mum." She was comforted and told that nothing could hurt either her or her mother, and to continue to describe what she saw. After a pause she sobbed, "I've got no clothes on, I can't move...there's a cloth over my legs, it's wet, it's like netting. I can see my mother, they're looking into her mouth." Asked who was looking into her mother's mouth she replied, "Small people with big eyes, they have no clothes on. They have wrinkly skin. They walk funny, they waddle and they have only got two fingers." We asked her to describe what else was visible, and Barbara responded:
"There is something like a big camera on a long arm, it's hanging above me, there seems to be a window which goes all around the room, everything seems to be white. The little people are around my table, they are looking at my hands and feet. Now they are looking into my mouth. I can feel one of them touching my stomach."
"One of them has got a thin rod, it has a silver ball on the end, he's pushing it up my nose." She felt no pain and went on to say that when the rod was removed, the silver "ball" was missing.
Other statements soon followed:
"They are placing an object like a piece of wire into my ear. I can feel them moving it about. They've now taken it out. I can hear a whistling sound in my ear."
"They're now touching my stomach. One of them has got a glass tube, he's pushing it into my stomach, near my navel." She was showing signs of anxiety, but we quickly comforted her and told Barbara that nothing could hurt her.
"They're pulling the tube out of my stomach, it's full of fluid, they're putting it into a dish. They have got two wire things, they've pushed them into my cervix. I can feel it. They've removed the wires, there's something on the end of them, they're putting it into a dish. They have got something like a very large glass cup, they're putting it over my head."
There was a long pause before she said:
"They've taken the thing off my head. They're turning me over. I can feel them examining my back and legs. They are now touching my hair at the back. It feels like they placed a small circular object on my hair at the bottom of my head. it's pulling my hair, I don't like it. They've turned me over again, they're standing near my feet. They are looking at our packets of cigarettes, they must have taken them from our pockets."
She recalled how she was taken off the table and moved to a large screen in the wall. At the base of the screen were banks of red buttons. She remembered that the "man" taking her to the screen was touching her arm, his skin was cold and felt wet. He pressed some of the buttons and the screen lit-up; an array of symbols, including triangles and squares could be seen. Her abductors removed Barbara to another room where there was a strong smell of burning. She was shown some small biscuit-like objects which were apparently food. The creatures asked her to take one, and accordingly put a small piece in her mouth. The biscuit tasted horrible and she soon spat it out.
Following this incident she was then taken back to the original room where she saw her mother, now dressed, standing beside a very tall beautiful woman who had long blond hair and blue eyes. She smiled. The figure appeared to be wearing a type of silver-coloured suit; a blue badge with a triangular and circular insignia was positioned on the left of her chest. After dressing, Barbara was handed back her leather coat; one of the little figures kept rubbing it in his face as if feeling the texture. After feeling dizzy, she recalled being back in the alley with her mother.
...This report represents a condensed version of events as they unfolded during the hypnotic regression of Clair and Barbara.

1988-08-30; Tel Aviv, Israel
APn 08/30 0026 BRF--Israel-UFO
Dozens of people, including a duty official at the state-run Meteorological Service, have reported spotting a UFO in Israel's skies.
"I see a source of light over Tel Aviv," Eliezer Danziger, the duty meteorologist, told Israel army radio on Sunday.
"The object changes its brightness from time to time but stays in one place. It's definitely not a airplane, just a source of light which doesn't move. Maybe it's a helicopter." .
The army radio said dozens of residents of Tel Aviv and its suburbs called the station to report that they saw the unidentified flying object, or UFO.
Copyright, 1988. The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

1989-02-06; Perm, Russia
The 52 year old owner of a gas station near Perm, out feeding her dog, watched an amazing light dance above her in the sky. She remembers wishing the craft to come nearer when the craft became even more luminous. After the brightness, the woman could no longer recall the immediate events. Under hypnosis, however, she was able to rememer two silhouettes standing in the light.

1989-02-13; Cabardino-Balcari, Russia
A cylinder of 1500ft in length, flying with its bow tilted towards the ground, was seen by the entire population of the city. About one mile in altitude, the craft flew slowly at a rate of 65mph towards the outskirts of town. Over 1000 witnesses.

Budd Hopkins the famous UFO writer and 'expert' on UFO abductions has dealt with many 'victims' of abductions but in most cases he has obtained no backup evidence that some has actually occurred,(apart from the mental scars).
However, one case which intrigued him was when he received a letter from 2 men, Richard and Dan and claimed to be New York police officers. They claimed to have lived with a terrible experience, one of the men was so shocked that he was on the point of nervous breakdown. The letter said that he would be sitting in his car looking up at an apartment block in Manhattan waiting for 'them' to return.
The letter went on in detail to say how on November 30th 1989, they had seen a young woman in a night-gown float out of her 12th floor windows surrounded by strange little creatures. They then saw the creatures take the women into a saucer-like craft, which then sped away.
The amazing thing was that a women who had visited Budd regarding an alleged abduction lived at the apartment block in question and also reported the abduction on the night in question.
Richard and Dan only contacted Budd once more and provided a few extra details. These included an audio tape, and information as to how their car had stopped for no reason just before the sighting began.

1989-04-24; Cherepovets, Russia
Comrade I. Veselova watched a strange shape hover above the city about 1000ft in the air. He recalled that the craft was "three times the size of an aircraft."

1989-06-11; Vologda, Russia
A fiery sphere hung in the sky over Vologda for several minutes, and was reported to authorities by comrade Ms. O. Lubnina. Frightened school children watched in horror as a small luminous object in the sky descended in a nearby field. Hovering there for a time, it moved to the nearby river bank. Splitting in two, there appeared where the craft was a "headless person in dark garb" whose hands reached lower than his knees. Suddenly, without warning, both the craft and the individual disappeared. Over 3 witnesses.

1989-07-05; Tokyo, Japan
An unknown Japanese person filmed this UFO as it flew over the skies of the island nation. UFO researchers, in the US and Japan, have analyzed the footage and have deemed it to be genuine.

1989-09-24; Voronezh, Russia
A geodesic specialist from the nearby Agricultural Institute, Comrade V.A. Kugatov watched the flight of an extremely large, cigar shaped blimp object fly very quickly across the sky. It took only a few minutes for the craft to have flown out of the man's sight.

1989-09-27; Voronezh, Russia
Several unidentified men and women, all witnesses to incredible sightings, reported to Russian Ufologists that they were abducted for long stretches of time by creatures in craft that would simply disappear instead of flying. A reddish glowing craft appeared over a park in the small city. Children playing soccer were instantly amazed and watched the craft open a wide hatch at its bottom. Three-eyed and wearing silver coveralls, a 10ft tall alien peered at the now numerous onlookers with his passive three eyes. Minutes later the craft reappeared and landed. The alien emerged from the craft with a mechanical robot and a floating orb. A boy close to the landing site tried to move away but was caught in the paralyzing beam emitted through the third eye of the being. The huge crowd began to shout at the alien and both craft and alien vanished. Approximately five minutes later, the alien and craft reappeared this time with a rifle like device. The alien pointed the device at a nearby boy who vanished. As the alien and craft disappeared some minutes later after observing the crowd, the boy reappeared. Over 50 witnesses.

On October 9th 1989, the Russian news agency Tass reported that there had been several UFO sightings around the city of Voronezh (300 miles SE of Moscow).
The case was investigated by Vladimir Lebedev and Dr. Henry Silanov. Dr. Silanov reported the following:
"In the period between September 21 to October 28, 1989, in the Western Park, Six landings and one sighting (hovering) were registered, with the appearance of walking beings. We have collected a wealth of video materials with eyewitness accounts, particularly from pupils of the nearest school. We have no doubt that they are telling the truth".
Dr. Silanov who also examined the land site reported that tests 'registered incredibly high levels of magnetism. It is evident that something produced it'. Imprints in the ground indicated that an object weighting around 11 tons had caused the imprints.

1989-10-11; Nalchik, Russia
Student at the nearby technical school, 16 year old Natasha Barinova, walking home from school, felt very strange. Compelled to look up, she watched a net-like structure fall onto her. It had a center of enormous brightness, and when she tried to physically push the device away, Natasha received mysterious burns that left the tips of her hands enlarged. Hearing her screams, her family rushed from their house only to watch a saucer shaped object hover some 50ft away. At their approach, the craft ascended without Natasha. Over 4 witnesses.

At dusk in the evening of 29th November, 1989, two Sergeant-Majors of the Belgian Gendarmerie who were on patrol on the road from Eupen to Kittenis in the Hautes Fagnes region of Belgium, noticed a phenomenon two hundred meters away on one side of the road. It was moving slowly and was some three hundred meters above a field that bordered the road.
Both police officers noted that it appeared to be a dark triangular platform with three powerful lights shining from its underside to the ground below. It had a central red light that oscillated from red to orange.
The object turned towards them and passed over their vehicle, illuminating the whole area and becoming more visible in its triangular format as it did so. It appeared to be almost completely noiseless, emitting only a very soft humming sound.
It proceeded slowly towards Eupen and stopped motionless above the dam at Gileppe for a period of 45 minutes. It finally moved in the direction of Baelen and Spa where it disappeared.
The two police officers contacted the Belgian Air Force base at Bierset which together with Glons and Butgenbach had detected scans on their radar. These bases at Aachen and Maastricht were notified and an AWAC aircraft was vectored to the area from Gelsenkirchen.
The whole incident was to last for 2.5 hours. It was witnessed by nineteen other Gendarmes who were guests at a nearby social event. Many witnesses from two areas of Liege, as well as Eupen, Plombieres, Kittenis, Baelin, Verviers, Jalhay, St Vith, Andrimont, Lontzen, Voeren, Battice and Herbesthal, reported this object to the Gendarmerie.
Descriptions from the witnesses all tallied, and conformed to the descriptions given of this phenomenon at the beginning of the sighting.
All radar reports were positive readings made by skilled operatives and could not be interpreted as readings from thermal inversions, unusual electromagnetic waves or signals from other radar.
Over 55 minutes later the same two police officers witnessed another triangular platform - only this time much larger - appear from almost ground level behind a large area of treas. It described a climbing turn - all the time slowly rotating in a level plane - following the course of a nearby main road, it seemed to be maintaining a relatively slow speed of about 64km/h.
This was the first sighting of the famous triangular craft and it was next seen in the famous case of 'The Wavre' in March 1990.