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UFO Reports 1978-1985
1977-11-16; Ellsworth AFB, SD
EBEs in South Dakota: On February 9, 1978, a curious document-an apparent carbon copy of an official U.S. Air Force incident report-arrived at the office of the National Enquirer in Lantana, Florida. Accompanying the document was an unsigned letter dated "29 Jan." It read: "The incident stated in the attached report actually occurred. The Air Force appointed a special team of individuals to investigate the incident. I was one of those individuals. I am still on active duty and so I cannot state my name at this time. It is not that I do not trust the Enquirer (I sure [sic] you would treat my name with [sic] confidence but I do not trust others.) The incident which occurred on 16 Nov. 77, was classified top secret on 2 Dec 77. At that time I obtained a copy of the original report. I thought at that time that the Air Force would probably hush the whole thing up, and they did. The Air Force ordered the silence on 1 Dec 77, after which, the report was classified. There were 16 pictures taken at the scene. I do not have access to the pictures at this time" (Pratt, 1984).
The report, stamped FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY, purported to be from the commander of the 44th Missile Security Squadron at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, South Dakota. The incident was described as a "Helping Hand (security violation)/Covered Wagon (security violation) at Lima 9 (68th SMSq Area), 7 miles SW of Nisland, SD, at 2100 hours on 16 Nov. 77." The recipient of the report was identified as "Paul D. Hinzman, SSgt, USAF, Comm/Plotter, Wing Security Control." Two security men, Airmen 1st Class Kenneth Jenkins and Wayne E. Raeke, experienced and reported the incident, which was investigated by Capt. Larry D. Stokes and TSgt. Robert E. Stewart.
The document told an incredible story. At 10:59 on the evening of November 16 an alarm sounded from the Lima Nine missile site. Jenkins and Raeke, at the Lima Launch Control Facility 35 miles away, were dispatched to the scene. On their arrival Raeke set out to check the rear fence line. There he spotted a helmeted figure in a glowing green metallic suit. The figure pointed a weapon at Raeke's rifle and caused it to disintegrate, burning Raeke's hands and arms in the process. Raeke summoned Jenkins, who carried his companion back to their Security Alert Team vehicle. When Jenkins went to the rear fence line, he saw two similarly-garbed figures. He ordered them to halt, but when they ignored his command, he opened fire. His bullets struck one in the shoulder and the other in the helmet. The figures ran over a hill and were briefly lost to view. Jenkins pursued them and when he next saw them, they were entering a 20-foot-in-diameter saucer-shaped object, which shot away over the Horizon.
As Raeke was air-evacuated from the scene, investigators discovered that the missile's nuclear components had been stolen.
Enquirer reporters suspected a hoax but when they called Rapid City and Ellsworth to check on the names, they were surprised to learn that such persons did exist. Moreover, all were on active duty. The Enquirer launched an investigation, sending several reporters to Rapid City. Over the course of the next few days they found that although the individuals were real, the document inaccurately listed their job titles, the geography of the alleged incident was wrong (there was no nearby hill over which intruders could have run), Raeke had suffered no injuries, he and Jenkins did not even know each other, and no one (including Rapid City civilian residents and area ranchers) had heard anything about such an encounter. As one of the reporters, Bob Pratt, wrote in a subsequent account, "We found more than 20 discrepancies or errors in the report -wrong names, numbers, occupations, physical layouts and so on. Had the Security Option alert mentioned in the report taken place, it would have involved all security personnel at the base and everyone at the base and in Rapid City (Population 45,000 plus) would have known about it."

1978-01-01; New Zealand
Called on assignment to investigate several previous sightings of UFOs, a camera crew from a local New Zealand television station chartered a plane to fly them across the disputed sighting area. While making their approach to the bay city where they were to land, they spotted this object maneuvering rapidly in the sky. Air traffic controllers confirmed their sighting as they tracked the object on radar.

1978-01-04; Miki-Cho, Kagawa, Japan
At 3:00pm on February 4, 1978, Mr. Hirobumi Matsushita was taking snapshots with a friend when they noticed a shiny golden metallic colored object flying high above them in the clear blue sky. There were no clouds and a slight breeze was blowing, but not enough to raise debris that high in the air. The object seemed to be moving purposefully, obviously under intelligent control. Mr. Matsushita adjusted his camera and took several pictures of the strange object before it disappeared.

1978-01-06; Montevideo, Uruguay
At 10:45am on January 6, 1978, four witnesses observed a circular object flying over their boat on their way to Camelo. The object was an opaque coppery color surrounded by a thin corona.

1978-01-06; Entre Rios, Argentina
Sr. F. Alzaibar, a nuclear physicist of the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission, his wife M. a senior professor of exact science, and a second couple, owners of the river yacht they were all traveling on near Carmelo, snapped two photos of this disc.

1978-02-04; Miki-Cho, Japan
This bell-shaped craft was photographed hovering above the island nation near Miki-Cho. After a short time, the UFO reportedly sped directly upward through the atmosphere.

1978-04-19; Colfax, WI
The photographer of this craft first noticed it when his transistor radio was overcome with static. The craft hung in the air for several minutes before speeding up into the atmosphere.

At 1:30pm on April 19, 1978, a witness known only as Mr. S. and his friend saw and photographed a disc-shaped object with a dome on top. The object made a crackling sound as it passed around them. Mr. S. noticed on amber of orange-red light centered underneath in addition to several small lights that were blinking on and off erratically for different lengths of time. He also noticed four "pods" or landing gear under the outer rim of the ship.

1978-06-??; Barcelona, Spain
As the bottoms of the low flying clouds began to turn gold at sundown, Sra. Montserrat Batllori, a housewife, seeing this beautiful sunset out her window, obtained a camera and went out to get a picture of it. She observed it for a few moments, and then on impulse snapped the shutter and got this photograph capturing three quite brilliantly luminous golden flying objects over the buildings in dark silhouette.

1978-06-20; Rio de Janerio, Brazil
At 5:10pm on June 20, 1978, Sr. Saul Janusas was able to snap two photographs of a dark metallic looking Saturn-shaped UFO. He could see it clearly in the reddish dusk haze peculiar to the Winter sunset. Island dwellers of Rio de Janeiro witnessed another UFO similar to those sighted by the Brazilian Naval Vessel in 1958 and by the anonymous witness at Paso Fondo.

Island dwellers of Rio de Janeiro witnessed another UFO similar to those sighted by the Brazilian Naval Vessel in 1958 and by the anonymous witness at Paso Fondo.

1978-09-??; Eden, NC
I have only revealed this experience to a handful of individuals but in September of 1978 my then fiancé (later husband) and I were driving home from Eden, NC. We became embroiled in a discussion and as we were near a dirt road which went directly through his grandmother's property, we pulled off to the side of this road. The night was very dark with no stars visible. In the course of conversation, I turned to the left to face my fiancé who was in the driver's seat. I observed a bright light in his face but immediately attributed it to a car coming down the dirt road we were pulled to the side of the road. I then noticed the look on his face and I followed his gaze over to my right and up. There is the sky, hovering low, was a craft of some type. It was silver in color and there was an eerie humming noise all around us( I described it later as "silent noise". We could see up into the center and there were various colored lights around the edges and a larger open area in the center under the bottom. I do not know how long we sat and gazed at it with our mouths wide open but it was awhile. Then, it began to rise and as it did, the dim colored lights started to blink, one at a time, around the edge in a circular system. Red, green, yellow and a bluish white. As it arose, it veered toward the left and a great beam of bright, white-blue light was emitted from the center area. Then all the lights went out and we could barely see the shape of the craft. All of a sudden one more white-blue light appeared and it shot off skyward and immediately disappeared.
My husband and I have now been divorced for many years and this is one of the few things we agree on. I will never forget it as it changed my entire perception of what is "out there".
N.W. Jones (

1978-10-08; Jenkins, MO
UFO researchers have determined that this circular area was the landing spot for a craft of unknown origin. Soil samples were found to be dehydrated and irradiated.
Frederick Valentich, 20, was a keen flyer and was also a keen UFO reader. On October 21st 1978 he decided to take his Cessna from Melbourne and fly over the Bass Strait up to King Island. Valentich knew that in the last week there had been numerous reports of strange cigar-shaped objects spotted in the Bass Strait area.
He set off early evening just as it was becoming dark, and was over half way into his journey. He had around 30 minutes left before he would be over land again, but was in constant contact with Steve Robey, the duty officer at Melbourne Air Traffic Control.
At 19:06 Valentich called Robey and asked "Is there any traffic in my area below 5,000 feet?". Robey replied that there was no other craft expected in that area.
Valentich replied "Four bright....seems to me like landing lights....just passed over me. At least a 1000 feet above.". Valentich became more concerned and reported:
"It's approaching now from due east, towards me....It seems to me that he's playing some sort of game...He's flying over me....It's not an aircraft, it's.....It's a long shape....cannot identify...the thing is just orbiting on top of me....It's got a green light and sort of metallic-like...It's all shiny on the outside".
 Valentich then radioed that his engine was not working properly and informed Melbourne that he would try and make it to King Island. He then suddenly cried out:
"Ah, Melbourne, that strange craft is hovering on top of me again...It's hovering and it's not an aircraft!".
There was then a cry, followed by a strange metallic grinding noise. Then nothing.
Despite several days of land, air, and sea search no trace of Valentich or his Cessna were ever found.

1978-11-15; Ipamari, Goyas, Brazil
At 4:00pm on November 15, 1978, Sr. Roberto Edilson Perez observed and photographed a shiny metallic-looking craft with a high dome on top and also a shallower dome bulging from the bottom surface of the object. The main body of the ship was circular, like a thick disc, almost the shape of an inflated inner tube of a tire, around the two raised center structures, and was of a reflective silver color with a reddish spot or domed projection from the top of the upper cupola. The object was seen and photographed against a clear deep blue sky with a higher layer of thin scattered clouds behind it as it moved about in the sky.

1979-02-07; Zurich, Switzerland
In Zurich Switzerland this remarkable photo was taken as a Boeing 747 Jumbo liner took off from Kloten Airport.

1979-03-16; Suonenjoki, Finland
On March 16, 1979 Jarmo Nykanen took pictures in Suonenjoki, Finland, of a tiny blue glowing bell- shaped object as it moved up the slope of a hill. It ascended and descended and wandered from side to side in its travel.

On the 9th November 1979, Bob Taylor, a forestry worker had just started his usual inspection of the local forest just outside the town of Livingston near Edinburgh, Scotland, when he encountered the strangest object that he had ever seen.
It shape was similar to that of the planet Saturn, essentially round with a flat rim across the middle. It was about the same size as an average family car and Bob could make out some windows on the object.
Unlike most UFO encounters in which the observer normally feels very at ease with the strange objects that they witness, Bob felt that this object had a evil aura. As Bob gazed at the object in shear amazement he noticed that 2 objects suddenly came out of the object, and he described them as looking like sea mines (large round balls with spikes on them).
The two objects positioned themselves either side of Bob. He then noticed a strange smell and he started to experience a sickening feeling, a burning in his throat, and a sensation of being grabbed by the side of the legs and tugged forward.
The next thing Bob remembered was waking up on the floor with his head pounding, sore throat and a strange bitter taste in his mouth. He later calculated that he had been unconscious for at least 20 minutes.
Later after his wife had taken him to hospital, the police cordoned off the alleged landing site and found evidence to back up Bob's story. On the ground there was a series of flattened marks and indented holes. The police treated the case as a assault case and is the only case to date in British history of a UFO encounter being the subject of a criminal investigation.

1980-04-04; Charleston, SC
For this fourth shot in this third series of color pictures, Bill Herrmann was standing in a field holding his breath as the 40ft diameter object hovered, wobbling around its vertical axis. This one made a loud buzzing noise at another time.
At 5:30pm on April 4, 1980, William J. Herrmann, a local auto mechanic, saw and photographed a silvery disc-shaped object flying erratic maneuvers near Charleston Air Force Base.

1980-12-29; Dayton TX
Two women and a young boy were traveling by car in Texas one evening.  Their attention was caught by an object decending from the sky.
They got out of the car and looked, and what they saw was a very unusual aircraft traveling at a low altitude, giving off a lot of heat, and escorted by several black helicopters.
All three people developed radiation burns and subsequently all three developed cancer.
They tried to sue and it was thrown out of court because they could not prove that the U.S. Government owned the craft.

1981-01-08 Trans-en-Provance France
Another of the more recent and famous sighting reports occurred on 8th January 1981. Renato Nicolai was a farmer in the village of Trans-en-Provance, France. At about 17:00 he was attracted by a strange noise coming from above. As he looked up he noticed a strange object descending onto a nearby hill.
The object he described was small, only a few feet in diameter, grey in colour and had small 'landing' legs on its base.
As he approached the object it suddenly started to make a very high-pitched whistling noise, and shot away vertically at an amazing speed.
He reported it to a friend who in turn alerted the police. The police quickly announced that they had no explanation of the sighting. The police gathered soil samples, which were sent for examination in Toulouse.
The examination of the various samples found that the ground had been crushed from above and heated to a temperature of between 300c and 600c degrees. Also found were unusual levels of zinc. The plants that were examined were found to have 50% less Chlorophyll (a chemical vital to all plant life).
Renato was examined himself by psychologists who all concluded that he was telling the truth.

Hudson Valley
Since the beginning of 1983 the residents of the Hudson Valley area of New York and nearby Connecticut have seen some very strange objects in the night sky. The UFOs have been described as being larger than a football field with multicoloured flashing lights. The object seems to take on a Boomerang shape, but at times it also has appeared circular. Most witnesses report that it is a solid object made up of some type of very dark, gun-grey material. The object has been seen by at least five thousand witnesses which include police officers, scientists, and people from all walks of life. All indicate that the silent slow moving UFO was something that they had never seen before and could not identify.
These sightings are very similar in detail to the triangular craft spotted over Belgium by more that 2000 witnesses.

1983-05-03; San Antonio, TX

Copyright 1983, 1994, 1995
Gordon A. DeSpain II
 In a few days I'll be 54 years old and I've been preparing to write this for most of my adult life. I say preparing, but, it's more like being backed, further and further, into a corner-----with this, being one of the ways out (CompuServe is another).
The title is from a saying in the construction industry (usually associated with Engineers) that: I'm a Mushroom! I know I'm a Mushroom, because, everyone keeps me in the dark and feeds me Bulls--t. Well, maybe I am a Mushroom, but, I'm an "Intelligent Mushroom." I know when someone is blocking out the light (I've seen light) and my sensibilities have advanced far beyond the simple nirvana induced by Excrementa Bovinus.
I'm tired of being lied to by everyone from government bureaucrats, to the news media, to so-called experts (self-proclaimed) who defend science by ignoring data or fabricating reports that bear little resemblance to the reported phenomena-----or the original event. Why is it acceptable to write a book about something you didn't see,  that purports to tell the world what someone else really saw (for money) and not acceptable to write about what you did see-----for the same reason? If money is called  the prime incentive for someone writing about his/her experiences with phenomena outside the bounds of normality, could it not also be the incentive for writing a book de- bunking and ridiculing that experience? Would you have me believe that Carl Sagan,  James Oberg, Philip Klass and James Randi are selfless, altruistic individuals who  donated their profits to charity??
As the scientists who were actually doing the investigations for the government UFO study at Boulder, Colorado said, "Klass dismissed."
I don't remember a time before I knew that Alien Spacecraft were real physical objects that violated the rules of our reality, but, I didn't know they violated the rules until I *learned* the rules. It's been my misfortune to have this knowledge since long before I started school in 1947, which is where my problems started. I've never hidden my knowledge from anyone, and that's caused considerable grief as well as frustrated anger. I've been chided, derided, slandered, ostracized, fired and even physically and mentally abused because of it. There's always someone saying, "that's impossible," and I'm always dumb enough to jump up and say, "No it ain't!!" Grief, will surely follow.
Tuesday, May 3, 1983, @ Medina River Ranch off Texas FM 1283, between Pipe Creek (at Texas 16 and 1283) and Park Road 37, North of Medina Lake (about 35 miles N/W of San Antonio, Texas):
I stepped out on the porch attached to the small trailer we'd been living in for the last six months, set my coffee cup on the rail and looked up at the morning sky. It was about 5:00 AM and I'd been up since a little after 4:00.
I had several problems on my mind, which probably explains why I woke up a little early that morning. I was also bothered about stepping out of bed, starting to pull my pants on and discovering a scorpion curled up just to the left of the crotch (it's amazing how long it took me to slip 'em back off and dump the little monster out the door). This, and other things on my mind (when I looked up at the sky), were all instantly washed away by the beauty of the vision above. The sky was crystal clear, the stars shining with incredible intensity, as if I were looking at billions of welders arcs. I stood,.....entranced, by the wonder of life, nature......and the unknown.
I was still standing there (thinking), about five minutes later, looking South along the side of the trailer, when a huge Fireball came out from behind the corner of the roof (about 2 miles away) at an angle of about 30 degrees above the Horizon, traveling East.
My first thought, "a meteor," I knew to be wrong, because it was too slow (big Meteor/ites announce themselves with a stunning Sonic Boom and are trailed by a thundering, ground shaking roar, smoke and shed debris) and I knew it couldn't be a plane on fire, because it was too fast. It took about 2 seconds to cross the sky to the Horizon, swooped up, made a descending turn toward the North, and slowly settled behind the low trees obstructing my view in that direction. I thought, "Wow,....I've just seen...a UFO!!"
I rushed out in the yard, whirling around, looking in all directions, but there was nothing to see except stars. I was galvanized, excited to the point of wanting to yell and shout, "Didja see that? Did you see that?" But, I ain't stupid!! Ignorant? Yes!.....But, stupid? ....No! My wife was asleep in the trailer, and she has three things about her that kept me from doin' that: (1) She sleeps till noon every day, (2) She lives her life in a blind rage, from the time she wakes up, till she goes to bed at two in the morning, and, (3) she is terrified of the idea that UFO's might exist. She makes a skeptic look like a "True Believer."
Drifting back to th' porch, prepared to accept the possibility (probability) that the show was over, I dropped into a brooding reverie concerning th' hole I was in and it's direct link to UFO's. I couldn't (can't) get (or hold) a decent job, because nobody wants to work with someone who believes in UFO's, and defends his position with a missionary zeal.
My car was settin' in the driveway, with the engine disassembled, my step-son had left his Pick-up in Bandera with a broken starter th' night before, and that meant:.....I should have been stuck. Luckily (or so I thought), I had already made arrangements to ride with a co-worker (at a small Well Repair service) and he 'should' have picked me up around 6:00. Surrrre!!!!! Same probability as Ice Cubes meltin' at th' North Pole.
Did I mention that my wife is a Phone-a-holic who would commit violent acts for access to a Long Distance service?? Did I mention that she has no friends that live within 100 miles, and, who *must* be called hourly to remind them of their unconditional Love for the Sorceress Sulizahn?? How about, the fact that she considers a $300 phone bill normal, and I couldn't afford that right then?? How about, it was disconnected right then (1983)???
At 6:30 AM (daylight already) I had slowly accepted the fact that my ride wasn't comin' and I had a 7 mile walk just to get to a phone, so I could call in and tell 'em I wasn't gonna make it t' work.
I headed out th' door, with my Lunch Bucket and Thermos (just in case I met th' dumb kid down th' road), and considered myself lucky to have escaped, with only a ringing in th' ears, from sympathetic screams of, "Get out of here!! Go to work! Can't you see I'm trying to sleep??"
For some reason, I started out elated, up on my toes in a ground coverin' stride, that ate up th' miles, despite my inability to keep my eyes off th' sky. It's incredible th' holes, sticks, Mail Boxes and Trash cans people leave layin' around, for Dummies like me ta fall over, in just 7 miles. I don't think I saw one car, goin' in my direction, and it's probably a good thing, because, who's gonna pick up some Maniac, stumblin' along with his head thrown back, swivelin' around like a Balloon on a string in a high wind.
The last couple of miles (I gave up lookin') were a head-down, ground coverin' grind, but, that still doesn't explain why I missed it (they could see it from Bandera High School, 20 miles away). I walked into th' Convenience Store at 1283 and PR-37 at about 7:30 (..? Maybe, it's not as far as I thought), waved at Karen and walked on back to the Pay Phone in th' rear. I called in, breathed a sigh of relief (suddenly happy at having another day off), grabbed a cup of Coffee and walked up to the counter to break my last Dollar.
Karen (she doesn't need it, don't ask!) looked around and I said, "Hi!" and asked, "You get here before Daylight, don't you?? Have you seen anything unusual?"
"Nothing but that," she said, pointing up and out the front window, "and I've been watchin' *that* for about 15 minutes."
My eyes caromed off her finger, out the front window and *I* bolted out the door after. Karen followed me out and we stared in wonder at two huge, narrow, concentric rings of Cloud that seemed to be centered over the Medina Lake Dam (toward the Southwest). The largest was about 10 miles in diameter (?- no frame of reference), the smaller exactly half that, perfectly centered in the larger, and both, apparently locked in place by some type of unimaginable force.
There were small tendrils (or wisps) of Cloud sticking out on the circumference of both (as if there had been a swirling motion during th' formation) and I picked out some, to use as a frame of reference, tryin' to determine if they were shifting or changing. They weren't! Not one wisp changed, for at least 10 minutes, until suddenly (as if someone had turned off a switch), they shifted, started to break-up and drifted away across the sky, joining the other high, wispy Clouds that had been drifting past (outside the Rings) as we watched.
We looked around to see if there was anything else (or other witnesses) and started back inside. As we entered, she asked, "Hey? Where's your car?" I explained, as best I could, and she said, "Sandra's gonna be by for gas in about 5 minutes, she always stops on the way to work in Bandera. If it's OK, I'll ask her to give you a ride back to the Gate."
Embarrassed, I said, "Sure! If you don't think she'd mind."
Th' Lady showed up right on time, agreed to give me a ride, and we left for a leisurely 10 or 15 minute ride to th' gate at Medina River Ranch. During th' ride I asked if she had seen anything and she said, "No! Why?" I told her everything that had happened, she gave me "Th' Look," slid to a stop at the gate and said "Sorry, THIS, is as far as I go! I'm gonna be late for work."
I stepped out, said, "Thanks for th' ride," ducked a shower of flyin' Gravel as she left, tires smokin' and squealin', and muttered, "have a nice day."
It was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, occasional slight breeze, the Sun shining and I was happy, despite her reaction, as I sauntered across 1283 and started the 6/10ths of a mile walk down the dirt road to th' Trailer. I walked down into th' Creak bed behind Karen's Trailer, crossed the low water bridge, came up out of it in front of the Circus peoples house (Born Again Christians, with Biblical sayings on the fence), and began to daydream, smell th' Flowers and wander along, just enjoyin' life.
About a hundred feet past the house (on th' left) the road makes a 45 degree bend to th' right, then about 50 feet, a 90 to th' left, another 50 feet and another 45 to the right, back on the original roadbed. There was a tree on the outside of the second bend and I was looking at some cows, runnin' circles and actin' strange, while listening (curiously) to a pack of screamin' Huntin' Dogs (in a pen behind a house down th' road) when th' BOOM of a Sonic Footprint stomped me in th' ground. I caught my Baseball Cap as it fell toward th' ground and looked up to find two Delta Wing Fighters tearin' leaves off th' trees.
I watched (not amused), as they began a gentle, screaming climb into the western sky and swiftly dwindled to dots, when something moved in my peripheral vision. I looked up, and to the right, at four circular, white objects in classic V-formation, about a hundred yards North of the road, about 200 feet up, and moving toward the road at a 45 degree angle. They were traveling about 45 or 50 miles per hour and I started tryin' ta make 'em birds, or Balloons,......anything, but what I was seeing (Hey! I'd have gone for spots on my eyeballs!).
But, they weren't Birds. They weren't Balloons. They were classic Flying Saucers (about 20 feet in diameter) and they didn't seem to care what I thought. They just continued sailing silently along (I could still hear the jets), executed a (perfectly executed) slight, banking, formation turn toward the South (over the road) with *my* total attention (unnnnnnnnecessary).
I watched, fascinated, as they continued flying South, when suddenly, about a hundred yards past the road, they snapped into a steep, banking, formation turn to the left. As they came around, the bank was steep enough that I could see a low Cupola on top. They each had eight steeply slanted Windshields tied into a flat octagonal top, and they were rotating. The sunlight was flashing off the Windshields (this was about 8:30) in a strobelike effect: Flash; Flash; Flash; Flash as they rotated.
The near side of the turn was about a hundred feet away (and a hundred feet up) and they continued the turn for a full 360, then flattened out and began to accelerate in a shallow, but steepening, climb that had the effect of reducing them to dots in th' sky, and gone, in about 3 seconds. It wasn't instant acceleration, but, continuing and increasing acceleration, that resulted in an unbelievable velocity just before they disappeared.
I stood there, with my eyes locked on the point where they vanished and my chin in th' dirt, for about 10 or 15 seconds, musing about the banks and turns. When the Leadman banked left, the Wingman Left would drop down and the Wingman Right, and Tailman Right, would rise up as if connected physically to the Leadman. This revery continued until a thought seeped into my stunned awareness, "Hey! That was a Look-at-sumthin' maneuver, and I'm th' only sumthin' around!!"
I scrambled around feeling for my Lunch Bucked and Thermos (so I wouldn't have to take my eyes off the sky), finally had to give it up and look down to discover that they were about 6 or 8 feet behind me, grabbed 'em and took off runnin' for the Trailer.
Stumblin', steppin' in holes, cursin', runnin' into fences and trees I didn't know was there, I had gone about a hundred yards when I saw 'em comin' back. They appeared exactly where they disappeared, except now they were in single file.
As they came toward me, they were lazily banking and turning, weaving back and forth like Cows following a trail, each one turning where the one ahead turned, one after the other. When they reached a point about a half mile South of the road (I could see the full Discs), the lead Saucer did a 180 like a Pool Ball off a rail, zipped out of site (in less than one second, to where they first appeared) and the other three did exactly the same thing, at exactly the same place, one at a time.
I looked around, trying to find a reason for the maneuver, and spotted a couple of low flying jets, way off to the East, and had entertaining thoughts about th' Cavalry and th' Indians and "who's wavin' spears now??!!"
I looked down, found my things (again) and took off runnin' (again), only to slide to a stop a couple of hundred yards later as I spotted 'em coming back in V-formation, not weaving, and angling more toward the West. This time they turned back several miles South of the road and lazily sailed back out of sight.
I found my stuff again and took off for th' Trailer a couple of hundred feet down th' road and slid to a stop at th' gate as I spotted 'em comin' almost straight at me in single file again, weavin' along in what resembled a search pattern. This time they came all the way to the road a couple of hundred yards West, then banked and flew West until they went out of site over some trees on the horizon, but there was something different about this group. They appeared to be dark.
I charged through th' gate, up the driveway and into th' Trailer, determined that she was gonna come out and look, if I had to drag 'er out by the hair of her head.
Standin' out front again (alone), nursin' a few minor scratches, bruises and bumps, I began to sweep th' sky in what I expected would be a vain attempt to see 'em *at least* one more time. Looking at every thing around me, using the full range of my vision, I noticed that I could see Gnats and Dragonflies in almost every Cubic Foot of Air at an amazing distance, much as a hundred yards. I guess that's what you call really pumped-up.
It was about 9:00 when I stupidly charged into th' Trailer, and it was after 9:30 when I spotted something moving slowly (almost stopped), just above th' trees about 50 feet behind th' Trailer. I was leaning against a tree about 30 feet in front of the Trailer, the sun was reflecting off whatever it was (as if it were made of Chrome), but it appeared to be something about the size of a Lear Jet, deadstick and huntin' a hole to set down in.
I slipped around th' tree, to my right, runnin' backwards and shading my eyes with my hands, when it lazily banked up into a turn, resolved itself into four UFO's, in close V-formation, and started moving off toward th' West. I dove around the North end of th' Trailer and took off, in a vain pursuit that ended when I ran into a fence on the other side of my neighbors property, they sailed slowly over some trees and out of sight.
That proved to be the last time I saw them that day, and I can count 8 individual craft (possibly 12) that I saw in bright Daylight (up close) and one Fireball before Daylight. There were 4 White, 4 Chrome, and possibly, 4 Dark (If it wasn't the Chrome or White ones just seen from a distance).
That night, as I was telling Randy, my stepson, about the days events, he told me 2 significant things: (1) The teachers rushed them outside to look at the anomalous Cloud Rings in th' sky, and, (2) A Major, supposedly from the Air Force, had come to Bandera High School about two weeks before, and said that the Government would be flying some Experimental Aircraft around near Medina Lake in the first couple of weeks of May. He requested that they not get excited and report any UFO's.
There are more than a few *sinister* things here. First, they knew that this was going to happen. Second, no Government agency (that I know of) will deliberaltely fly Black Project Experimental Aircraft over a heavily populated residential/recreational area, if THEY are choosing the area of operations. Third, even then, if they DID choose the area, they wouldn't go tellin' everybody beforehand. Fourth, I called the Bandera High School, a couple of days later (when I could get to a Payphone), and someone there told me that there was no record of a Major having ever spoken to the students, then, or any other time, which leaves two possibilities: (A) Randy lied, or (B) somebody else is lyin'. Personally, knowin' Randy, I'll go for (B).
Those weren't the first UFO's I've seen, nor the last, just the only ones I've seen in the Daylight, so close, and for such a protracted length of time. I saw (actually) millions of them between 3 and 4 in the morning, in a mass flyover, at the Tanak/Thayani Construction site, East of the Al Furat (Euphrates) river in Syria in 1989, but, that's another story and this has gone on long enough.
COPYRIGHT January 19, 1995- Gordon A. DeSpain II

1984-09-07; Minsk, Russia
On a routine patrol mission, the pilots of a two-seater Soviet jet found themselves face to face with a strange craft of unknown origin. Radioing in their incredible circumstances, the pilots, along with their aircraft, were struck by a beam of intense power. One pilot immediately fell unconscious while the other managed to land the jet despite his pain and the plane's damage. Upon landing, emergency crews were rushed to the site minutes shy of being able to save one of the pilots. The surviving man still suffers ill effects from the encounter.

1985-??-??; Zimbabwe, Africa
Back in 1985, a round object topped with a cone was seen by dozens of people over the skies of Zimbabwe, Africa. With pilots, air traffic controllers, and civilians among the witnesses, that country turned to aeronautical experts for an explanation. Now, a year and a half later, Zimbabwe's Air Commodore David Thorne sees no explanation in sight. "We have not been able to identify the object," he says. "We have had to classify it as a UFO."
Although he didn't personally witness the object, Thorne reports that "the craft was spotted as it streaked over southern Zimbabwe. Then air traffic controllers watched it hover and tracked it on radar. 2 Air Force jets went after the object, and the pilots described it as incredibly shiny, reflecting the colors of the sunset. Our estimates indicate that the UFO was traveling at twice the speed of sound. And when it got dark outside, we realized the object was emitting its own light. Our pilots are completely reliable," Thorne contends. "This cannot be dismissed as a plane, weather balloon, or natural phenomenon."
But UFO skeptic James Oberg has his doubts. "The evidential value of unresearchable sightings in Zimbabwe is zero, however sincere the witnesses," he says. "Besides, pilots are not always calm, dispassionate observers. They tend to perceive any visual stimulus in its most dangerous possible configuration -- as another craft. That's a good characteristic of a safe pilot, but not a good characteristic of a UFO witness." Oberg also points out that "Zimbabwe is sort of on the edge of the civilized world in terms of tracking things that might cause this kind of UFO report -- like Russian and South African reconnaissance planes that, I'm sure, are flying over that airspace."
James Easton

1985-08-31; Laughlin, NV
One witness reports while driving his car on highway 95 near Laughlin that he sighted an object coming up off the ground and flying over the road going towards a house were it hovered for a while. The witness said the object then shined down a light on it then the light went out. The witness said it was the brightist light he had ever seen. He said the color of the light was bluish white. The witness said then the object flew over the road and shined down a light on a parked car and hovered there till the lights went out again. The witness was still in his car at this time. He said that the object then came over to his car and shined down two lights. He could not see the outline of the object but only the bright lights. The witness also said that the object was hovering 5 feet off the ground and the distance from the object to his car was about 20 feet away. He then lost sight of it. The witness said that the length of the object was about two cars long. He also said that the shape of the light looked like a shaft. The witness said that his car radio went off when the sighting took place.

1985-10-??; Harrisburg, PA
Witness got up around 4:15 - 5:15 a.m. to go to restroom and saw an object over her home that covered five other homes as well. The object was huge, pure white and had no lights. The object was the shape of a saucer and rotating. Even though the object was bright (brighter than any object she had ever seen) it did not hurt her eyes to look at it. She had no fear and wanted to run out of her home and stand underneath the object but felt paralyzed. The object did return and her 12 year old son was able to see it. Since the incident she has had visions which she did not experience prior to the sighting of the object.

1985-10-09; Tucson, AZ
A local air-traffic controller and a police helicopter pilot reportedly tracked about 60 unidentified aircraft over Tucson Monday, but federal author- ities are not investigating. Tucson International Airport radar picked up the aircraft at 12:15 a.m. Monday. Radar monitored the objects for about 90 min. The radar picked them up southwest of the city, near Ryan Field, and lost them as they flew northeasterly through Redington Pass. The controller reported that 15 groups of four to six objects each were monitored on the radar. the UFOs were travelling at about 250 knots, or 288 mph. The tower called the police pilot on duty and said that they had some targets but no transponders. The transponders are radar transceivers that automatically identify individual air craft for air traffic controllers. If you don't turn your transponder on, all it shows up as (on radar) is a blip. The pilot tried to follow the objects and did see some lights,but was unable to catch up with them. The pilot was up about 4,000 feet and they were up at 7,000 feet. The Air Force said d-m jets stop flying by 10:30 pm and knew of no other military flights in the area at 12:15 AM Monday.

1985-10-17; Fairfield County, CT
A UFO was reported by a number of witnesses. Fairfield police officer Jim Gallagher said that the department was deluged with calls from anxious residents who had sighted the object. One witness, a school teacher, said "I saw these lights in a 'V' shape and moving slowly. I never saw anything like this before." He said it was no plane.

1985-10-30; FT. Devens, MA
Soldiers and civilians around Ft. Devens have been keeping an eye on the sky in the wake of several recent re- ports of UFO's sighted in the local area. Witnesses said the+ewnih6o=-ed like two glowing orange spheres. Eight different individuals have reported seeing these over the past ten days. According to the Boxboro, Mass. police log, the UFOs were first sighted by two police officers on Oct. 19. Said patrolman Stephen Trefry, along with his partner Robert Morrill: We saw two bright orange lights hovering over the tree tops. We watched them for about 10 seconds, then they disappeared. Morrill immediately radioed their sighting back to Boxboro police station. Suddenly they observed the objects again about 150 yards away. moving diagonally over the hillside, the UFO's lights glowed for another few sec- onds then disappeared. Marcie Robinson, a physical therapist at Emerson Hospital was driving her two daughters to school when they observed two round orange balls high over a pasture off Prescott Road. Normally skeptical about UFO's, Robinson admitted,"i'm not sure if there's a simple explanation for what we saw."

1985-11-08; Monteagle, TN
A witness reported sighting 6 bright objects in the night sky. The witness said that there was one large and 5 small. He said that they were in a formation and one of the small objects left it. The witness said that the small object started to follow his car and did so for 70 miles. The witness first sighted the six objects in formation over interstate 24.