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Alien Worlds

We can only imagine what some of the mysterious alien worlds in our galaxy may be like.

Mendawnya,and sister planet Surentar
Gunhathrei the golden planet
Ohethen,planet of orbs
Voeriont,green water planet
Lastorar,water and orb planet
Dihrato,planet of marshes
Taros,ice and orb planet
Alteran,planet of gysers
Fincae,planet of storms
Pesantei,purple mountain planet
Holdints,water world
Uiserl,blue orb world
Kahno,red water planet
Zeneid,harsh world
Yucint,multi color water world
Epeana,lagoon planet
Inkiri,world of pink and yellow light
Quatun,emerald world
Rigosals,temple builders world
Wepalem,floating city world
Jerabla,peaceful planet
Aoelao,flying plant world
Girnarith,saphire world
Mohitar,algee planet
Stayloyn,planet of domes
Wipanoter,floating city planet
Vakihepy,planet of castles
Pobutaca,frozen world
Rembihet,gold orb world
Basolap,island planet
Flawmoriy,floating mountain planet
Tohalous,red daylight world
Nelraes,dessert planet
Hedotnucert, pyramid planet
Yabimetin,windy world
Zeti Reticuli,the "Greys"world
Uasentos,red tree planet
Knepsiga,orange sky world
Nedatoney,planet of ponds
Xolatorsis. granite world
Asheropt, volcanic planet
Jeganae, Crystal planet
Odastry,mineral world
Swidderic,green sun world
Pyesies,red land world
Wehencogh,planet of tunnels
Gorotum,giant lizzard world
Labotarics,robot world
Reptillia,planet of the "Reptillians"
Cravannos,planet of the winged people
Ocepbario,planet of gilled people
Phyadar,the blue world
Lazergerti,life less planet
Elmveartas,tornadic world
Siliut,electric cloud world
Mesporlap.gasious planet
Fizatern,insect world

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